Gucci Décor Launch

Watch out for September…Gucci is releasing beautiful home décor designed by Alessandro Michele.

Michele has created intricate and wild designs for candles, incense, porcelain mugs, wallpaper, pillows, chairs, and more, that are perfect for an urban home. The line will only be offered on and in speciality stores. The designs on the velvet upholstery chair and cushions are hand-applied and take 10 hours to finish.

Illustration by Alex Merryart
Velvet Cushions

Richard Ginori a company from Florentine, produced the porcelain items from the décor collection. The mugs are inspired by whimsical cherry branches, leaves, flowers and vintage fabric. The designs of the collections are the same motifs as seen on Gucci’s catwalk.


Credited by Gucci. Illustrated by Alex Merryart.
Porcelain Mugs

Candles from the line are said to have motifs inspired from the House aesthetic. Scents range from Inventum, Fumus, Herbosum and Estericum. Inventum is a mix of ancient damask rose with taif rose. Fumus is birch with orange leaves and beeswax. Herbosum is tomato leaves with aromatic plants and basil, lemongrass, longrass, and aromatic plants. Estericum is blends of jasmine, leather, salt and seville oranges.


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