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Kohl has long been used in makeup practices throughout the world. It was most commonly used in areas such as the Middle East, India, and in parts of Africa to contour the eyelids, line the eyes, and to darken the lashes. However, it did not only hold cosmetic purpose, but it sometimes played a part in tradition; in India, a mother would apply kohl to the eyelids of her newborn to strengthen the eyes and prevent the child from being cursed by the “evil eye”. Today, it is common to see charcoal used in cosmetics as well- face masks, peels, and other products often contain this material. Mila Kunis’ look of the week reflects the smoky, ash-like substance that is charcoal.


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This smoky eye is the perfect representation of the dark substance. It’s a smoldering look that concentrates on, and opens the eyes. Here are some of the best products to recreate this look.


Milani Supreme Kohl Eyeliner

The reason why this look works so well and seems so dark is because the eyes are lined with a liner all around, both on the waterline and the upper lid. This creates a stark contrast between the whiteness of the eye and the rigid black waterlines. This liner makes it easy to tightline and and waterline without smudging.

Image Source: Milani Cosmetics

Ciate London Smouldering Eyeshadow Palette

This palette will give you the perfect shades to use on your lid and lower lash line. Mila is wearing a mix of brown, black, and golden neutral shades. The darker shades are layered and buffed into the outer eye, while the sparkly gold is used as a highlight in the inner corner. This palette includes 5 sparkly shades, and 4 matte shades, allowing you to create any type of look you want.

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Glossier “Boy Brow” Brow Filler

This product will fill in and groom your brows in just one step. It is a brush that will add in some color to your brows for a fuller appearance, and will act as a hairspray for them, keeping each hair in place. This will help you achieve Mila’s sleek look, all while securing and nourishing your brows.

Image Source: Glossier

Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick

Because the main focus of this look is the eye makeup, you don’t want to go for a bold lip color. Mila is wearing a very subtle nude, which can be achieved with this lipstick from Urban Decay. It has a touch of shine, just as Mila’s lips do, and contains shea butter, jojoba, olive oil, and vitamins C and E to hydrate your lips.

Image Source: Urban Decay
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