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The sea, and more particularly it’s creatures, have long been written about in tales, fables, and myths. One such creature is the sea serpent, a mythological creature that was originated by Norse mythology. It has also been called a sea dragon, Sea Orm, or Jormungandr. There have been many accounts, throughout history, of sea serpent sightings, which scientists have concluded, were likely other animals, such as whales, lungfish, oarfish, or sharks. Sea serpents are also included in some ancient texts, such as in the Old Testament, where God is depicted as fighting a monster named Leviathan. Although most believe that it was a dragon, the name itself is used to depict a sea monster. Not only have sea serpents been included in such stories, but we can see the apparent “sea monster” in the makeup of some of our favorite celebrities. Hayden Panettiere captures the essence of a mythical sea serpent in her makeup look at the Golden Globe Awards.

Image Source: Just Jared

This look is blooming with the same mischief that is associated with a sea serpent. It resembles the wisdom and the sneakiness of the creature. As for the overall look, it brightens, and brings out the eyes, while putting in a little glam and a pop of color. Here are the best products to help you achieve Hayden’s serpentine look.


Too Faced Sketch Marker Eyeliner Pen

This eyeliner will give you a base for the green eye look you want to achieve. Use it on the lower lash line, as well as on the upper eyelid to create a solid green look which you will then layer with eyeshadow. This creamy formula is easy to use, and to clean up. Simply take a q-tip, and swipe away any unwanted lines.

Image Source: Too Faced

Suva Beauty Eyeshadow in “Bamboo”

This is the perfect eyeshadow to layer on top of the eyeliner base that you created. Use an eyeshadow brush to pack, and smudge the eyeshadow on top of the liner. Spread it across the entire lid to get the full green look. This shadow also contains some sparkle to pull in the glam side of this look.

Image Source: Suva Beauty

Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette

Use the highlighter in this palette to brighten the face. You can see that Hayden’s tear duct area is packed with a shimmering highlight to illuminate the eyes. This was done to make the eyes look bigger, and make the face brighter. Recreate this look using a shadow brush, and patting in the highlight. Swipe it across your cheekbones, tip of the nose, and cupid’s bow.

Image Source: Tarte Cosmetics

Mineral Fusion Liquid Eyeliner

Lastly, we can see that both Hayden’s upper and lower waterlines have been lined with an eyeliner. This was done to accentuate the eyeshadow and the lashes. The best way to replicate the delicate lines is to use a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip, like this one from Mineral Fusion. Not only will it give you a sleek look, but it is also nourishing for the skin, as it contains chamomile, rosemary, aloe, Vitamin E, and grapefruit.  

Image Source: Mineral Fusion
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