3 Ways To Look Individual While Wearing Casual Style

3 Ways To Look Individual While Wearing Casual Style


You`re always busy. You`re always in a big hurry. That`s why you often prefer the comfort of casual wear over more formal clothes. But at the same time, you want to look stylish and stand out from the crowd even choosing such a universal casual style. Can you choose comfort and don`t lose your individuality? Of course, you can, no doubt about it! And don’t be afraid it doesn’t take you too much of your precious time. All you need to look classy with casual clothes is a little creativity and picking up the right colors.


Here you can find 3 ways that help you to look like individual and tips on how to balance comfort with style.


  1. Put on More than One Layer


Remember, if you want to look trendy and feel confident you don’t need to have the full collection from the latest fashion show in your closet. Layering the clothes helps you to catch people’s attention and easily create a fascinating look. For example, you can diversify your everyday style by layering a cute cardigan, blazer, jacket, vest or shirt over a top or dress.


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  1. Use Different Accents


For making more interesting look you have to add one or two touches that will stand out from the rest of your wear and emphasize your figure. As such accents, you can use various belts, scarves, hats, jewelry, gloves, glasses, bags, watches and so on. Don’t forget to play with contrast. By the way, here cute cowgirl outfit ideas can inspire you as cowgirl outfits consist mainly of such a lovely accessory as belts, hats and cowgirl boots.


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  1. Match Colors that Are Not Neutral


Of course, if you like casual style your closet fills with a lot of neutral wear as neutral colors can be easier matched. Black, gray, beige and white colors are considered as the main neutral ones. But if you want to be trendy and express your individuality match something more striking to create contrast. One element of your outfit has to be brighter than others. And don’t forget, please, that this contrast should not be tacky. Seek for harmony in colors.

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Now you see it’s not so difficult to feel comfortable, look stylish and not to get lost in the crowd dressing casual clothes. Be yourself and experiment with your look a little to get a fabulous look wearing your favorite style.




Adriana Oancea

CEO`s Assistant.