10 Things You Need To Let Up To Find Your Love

10 Things You Need To Let Up in Order To Find Your Love


Years pass by and you still aren’t in love with anybody? And you feel a little bit tired of questions from your friends and colleagues about a boyfriend, or girlfriend, is that about you? It might irritate a lot when you are constantly asked the same questions having no clue why does it happen to you. Perhaps, you cry out at night asking yourself: “Why am I still single?”

But, unfortunately, you receive no answers. It seems like the whole universe stopped when listening to you, but refusing to answer. It looks like as if it waits for you to complete some deeds till it will provide you with a present wrapped up and with a ribbon on it, and called “L.O.V.E”

Don’t give up, dear, because hope is never lost. Sometimes to get something you have to get rid of something. Here is the list of the things you need to let up to find your real love:


  1. Memories About Previous Boyfriends

You may think that it’s difficult, but we want to assure you it’s possible. There is a proverb: “Out of sight, out of mind”, which is exactly about this. Try not to talk about your ex, stop chatting with them even if they’ll ask you when they would feel miserable. Never be a person to cry on the shoulder. Remember: you are not a sponge to wash away everyone’s tears.

  1. All the Gifts From Your Ex-s

We know, sometimes they might be too valuable and cost a lot, but we’d rather you did it until it’s too late. The things may remind you of your previous boy- or girlfriends and ruin your peace. So, let go and throw them into the trash, or it’s possible to give them to somebody else as an act of charity.




  1. Your Last Profile Photo in Social Network

Today we live in the world of modern technologies, therefore, it goes without saying that the vast majority of social life happens online. In order to create a positive impression for a person who sees you for the first time, it’s better to create a beautiful selfie and get rid of the previous one..

  1. Sad Face

Life may be hard sometimes, but it’s us who decide how we would react to its changes. We may either be happy or sad, but it’s more preferable to remain happy and rejoice. It is you who build your destiny and not somebody else, so build it out of the bricks with smiles on them.

  1. Forgetting To Pay Attention To Your Health

It’s really important not only to feel great inside but to look awesome as well. Physical activities, healthy food, going out can really help you to look marvelous. You are responsible for the state of your body, so take care.

  1. Doing Bad Deeds And Having Horrible Habits

Don’t be mean but give to people. It might be anything: either kisses and hugs or money. Develop the ability to be generous in every situation. Besides, being generous is a part of God’s nature, so if you give to others it means that you are from God.

  1. Unforgiveness To Your Enemies

There is nothing worse than an angry man or woman always complaining about their ex-girl or boyfriends or someone else refusing to forgive and let them go. The point is that if you don’t forgive someone, you block the channel of blessings to your own life. In other words, people who could have potentially blessed you feel a bit scared and unsure whether to bless you with something or not because they are unsure how you would react.

  1. Refusing To Develop Your Talents and Skills

Don’t lose your time when you are alone. Try to be active and use all the talents and gifts you have to make yourself better. Become more modernized version of yourself, to be more precise. Learn something new everyday and never stop doing it. Set and achieve more and more new goals. The unseen hand of destiny will lead you to the right person one day who will appreciate that.

  1. Always Saying Negative Words And Not Being Grateful

The words influence a lot. Moreover, the scientists proved that they are the material objects which can become reality. For example, if you keep on saying things like thank you for making me happy to your friend, they will respond you with doing something good or just being kind to you. Forget about negativism because it is useless.

  1. Lack of Spirituality

We guess, today everyone believes in something, so don’t be a black sheep but start to seek for the truth. You should be, at least, aware of the core ideas of the main religions in the world and choose yours, because it’s trendy today to belong to some religious group.



Hope that we inspired you and sooner or later you’ll find the right person created exactly for you. Never give up, because the love is yet to come!




Adriana Oancea

CEO`s Assistant.