80’s Suits Trend Back in Fashion for Men

Thinking of 80’s fashion for men, especially suits, make me cringe with pain. The 80’s were a time of big hair, bright pastel colors, and baggy suits. So, of course the fashion industry has figured out a way to bring the 80’s back. Now, fortunately, in a way that is asthetically pleasing to the eyes. The newest trending boomerang in men’s fashion, brings one thing to my mind: Miami Vice.

In an updated take on a fitted suit, men can once again pair suits with a t-shirt. GQ even paired a suit with a colorful tank top and polo. It makes your suit casual but still keeps it classy. For guys like me, who live in warmer temperatures, being able to pass on the button up and tie is a small blessing.

Try the look:

Zara has suits priced at $150 – 300$. Express has suits between $400 – $600. Ifyou’re looking for something more high-end, Calvin Klein has suits starting around $450 and up.


Find it at Zara.com
T-shirt and A Suit
Pair a Henley for added style.

Above looks provided by Zara.com

Suit and A Henley

Look provided by Calvinklein.us

Michael Burton


Contributor for Trend Privé Magazine