Love ❤️ Your Skin

How do you treat the largest organ your body has?

Do you treat it like a $5.00 drive thru car wash? Meaning, are we going through the motions such as (soap,scrub,rinse .)

We all have our favorite skincare items that we can’t live without. While traveling in Europe, I’m making it my business to try new skincare lines (high end and affordable options.) Listed are a few products I have picked up on today’s travels.

It seems like every block has apothecaries /health food stores within reach , what must I do ( BUY !BUY !BUY!)

Dr. Scheller-  Bio – Wild-Rose anti aging de pigment serum.  Licorice root helps battle hyperpigmentation and it also contains hyaluronic acid to keep my skin feeling hydrated , buoyant and all around feeling good. Price point is 20.00 can be found

Dr. Grandel Ultra Sensative Eye Cream- I seen avocado ? in the ingredients and was like, WHY NOT? I’m about that life. When I’m in Chipotle,  I’m tossing money in the air when they ask would I like to add avocado. Anyhow, this wonderful eyecream is super soothing, and with my hours still being a little haywire, I needed to soothe these puffy eyes of mine. Avocado oil , skin smoothing paracress extract no dyes, fragrances or preservatives .  Price point $32.00

As you all know, My initials are GLO, which is why I always say GLO (glow) but my way .

Exfoliation is key. Once to twice a week I’m exfoliating because, let’s face it, the sun may kiss you and give you a beautiful tan, but too much will have you looking like a distressed rubberband.

? Exfoliant take me away bring back smooth glo(ing) skin from another day.

Kneipp-  Naturkosmetik Cosmetique Naturelle.  Enzymes anyone? Raises hand high , love love love them, these guys are like little PAC mans cleaning all debris from your sludge, grudge face, like construction workers cleaning up the road.

Kneipp exfoliating powder only needs a few drops off water to be activated.  Apply with a spatula and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm and water follow up with moisturizer or serum. Price point $9.00

There you have it, armed and ready for the day . Now, I needed light coverage, but mostly protection , the sun was blazing and it loves to show affection .

Armed with NARS tinted spf, I was ready to conquer the world ( eyeshadow, eyelashes,matte ombré lips, helped too).

Left the house with my best face forward.  Healthy glo(ing) skin.

Nars Velvet Matte Skin tint

Eyeshadow from Juvias place in “Masquerade Palette”, liquid matte lipstick from Lime Crime, in the color “Pansy”, topped with eyeshadow from masquerade palette, “Cherry Blossom” eyelashes (beauty store find). I used 4 lip colors to achieve this pink by using Gerrrard cosmetics color “Strawberry Fields”, Colourpop cosmetics color in clueless, Lime Crime color Cupid. Lastly, added “I am nude” from Jeffree Star ⭐️

Gia O Neal

Senior Editor Of Web