Lipstick Angels Treating Patients Through Beauty

It feels like there has been so much negativity in the world lately, but luckily there are people out there trying to combat all the ills of the world. Lipstick Angels is one amazing charity doing fabulous work for any hospital patient battling ailments like cancer, and other chronic diseases.

via Credo Beauty

They offer compassionate bedside treatment with the delivery of skin care and make-up. Self-care is often talked about in today’s culture, but for those who are battling chronic diseases, this simple act can be tough. Lipstick Angels is an organization that recognizes this fact, and tries to combat it. Their program helps boost a patient’s state of mind, outlook, and overall well-being through their amazing work.

Lipstick Angels providing supporting treatment for a patient via Credo Beauty

For many patients in the hospital, it can be a scary and stressful time. Lipstick Angels helps to ease that stress by caring for patients in ways these patients may have otherwise ignored or not be able to perform. Lipstick Angels believes in “attitudes and care that target treatment of the whole patient, modern medical technology (which only targets the disease) will not succeed in defeating chronic illness.” They focus on supporting not only the patient’s illness, but also their emotional well-being and a healthy state of mind. It can tough to maintain a healthy state of mind and continue to fight an illness without a positive self-image and intimate human connections.

Lipstick Angels use natural makeup and skin care brands on their patients. This kind of care has been critical in the healing of individuals. By purchasing through websites like they donate 1% of all proceeds to this organization. Credo is a company that believes in “safe and clean” makeup and skincare products. While also being eco-friendly, cruelty free and organic, promoting a healthy complexion and lifestyle.