Is using a dating app the only way to date in 2017?

Tinder will have its five year anniversary this September, most, if not all of my friends have been on Tinder at some point! In fact, there are an estimated 50 million users with 1.4 billion swipes per day; so, I couldn’t help but wonder, is using a dating app the only way to date in 2017?

What ever happened to old fashioned dating?

Is it totally absurd to think that we now have more anxiety due to growing up on social media and we aren’t actually able to talk to each other face to face? When I spoke about this to a friend of mine he said, “I used to go to a bar and speak to one or maybe two women, now with apps like Tinder, Happn and Bumble I can talk to ten at once!” People say that it provides instant gratification; you see a good looking man or woman you swipe right and its a match! You automatically think wow he or she thinks I’m attractive too and its addictive! But, are they really saying they like dating apps because it removes the fear of rejection? Let’s be honest, no one likes to be rejected!!

Is there a strategy behind the swipe?

Men are Mars, Women are from Venus so of course men and women use dating apps differently and use different swiping strategies. Women, well at least my girlfriends, don’t find it a big deal when they are matched with a man they swiped right on. Now, this may be due to their tasteful sideboob photo or the shot of them playfully frolicking in a meadow which gives off such an adventurous vibe men just can’t resist swiping right for them and they know it! Or, it may be that men just swipe right more than women because they are less picky and just want as many matches as possible. I searched on YouTube to find out what the Internet was telling guys to do in order to be successful on Tinder and came across a video titled “How To Get 100 Matches on Tinder Right Now” to the men who watched this, believed it and commented saying the creator of said video was God…what are we going to do with you?

Lost in translation?

The other night a friend of mine said that the hardest part of it all was wanting to appeal to as many people as possible through the photos you choose on your profile, but, by doing that you are taking away the individual. Are we over thinking the process of dating apps so much that our profile doesn’t even reflect ourselves? Or, is using a dating app the only way to date in 2017, and it is becoming very hard, so, in order to be successful you must use a strategy and not care if things are lost in translation.

Can you find love through an app?

With Tinder having 26 million matches are per day, surely, the odds are in your favour to meet someone amazing? Whilst it might sound like I am criticising dating apps and those who use it, this is not the case at all. If you follow me on Instagram (@diaryofanitgirl_) you will know that I am in a relationship, watch the video to find out if a dating app played cupid in this little love story.

Is the dating app market going to become so saturated in the next decade that people are going to go back to old fashioned dating but then not know how to do it? Love it or loathe it, it appears that for the next few years dating apps are here to stay, so, either go against the grain or follow suit and get those fingers ready to swipe.


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