Beauty Tips and Tricks with Erin Schweinsberg

My tip today is for those of you not getting enough sleep! I can’t actually get you more sleep, but I can help you fool everyone else into thinking you got sleep.  The most valuable beauty trick that keeps me looking awake is so much simpler than you think, and it can be achieved with one product!

Image Credit Erin Schweinsberg

Chantecaille’s Brightening Eye Kajal in color Nude! Put your black eye liner away for a day and use one less layer of concealer! Simply apply the kajal to your waterline, just as you would any other eyeliner, and you’ll instantly notice the nude color helping reduce the redness in your eye area; neutralizing those pink tones and helping your eye look brighter and more awake!

So easy, yet so effective!


Erin Schweinsberg

Makeup Artist and TPM’s Print Beauty Editor


Erin Schweinsberg

My name is Erin Schweinsberg and I'm the Senior Beauty Editor for Trend Prive Magazine! I've been a makeup artist for over 10 years and I love this industry :) I grew up in Australia, but I've also lived in Europe, and I now live in Denver, Colorado in the USA. Being apart of this magazine is amazing, it gives me a chance to write about my passion and also contribute to helping people around the world with the donations we make. I believe we should always pay it forward, even if we know we may never get anything in return.