The New IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakthroughs Collection

IT Cosmetics began their mother’s day weekend with a pleasant, and exciting surprise. The company teamed up with QVC to announce the “Bye Bye Breakthroughs” 5 piece collection. This collection is all that you need to give your face a flawless finish, whether you’re going for a “no makeup”, or red carpet look. It includes 5 essential products that are sure to redefine, perfect, and cleanse your skin.


Bye Bye Lines Serum

This innovative serum was designed with fine lines and wrinkles in mind. It is a treatment designed to minimize your imperfections within 10 days. It gives you have a bright, youthful look, and is perfect to incorporate in your daily routine.


Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Concealer

The Bye Bye concealer is packed with benefits and uses that go beyond covering up your blemishes. In addition to illuminating your skin, it is an anti aging concealer, filled with collagen, peptides, and vitamins A, C, and E, to ensure a healthy, radiant look.

Bye Bye Pores Illumination Pressed Powder

This powder is formulated to give you a flawless, airbrushed look, that will not only make you glow, but will also keep in place all of the lovely products that come with this collection. It is perfect to swipe on on top of your makeup before you leave. It also comes with its very own “Heavenly Skin Bye Bye Pores” powder brush.


Bye Bye Makeup Cleanser

The final product in this collection is a makeup cleanser to wash off all of the makeup, product, and oil build up on your face. It’s a sulfate-free cleanser that will not only remove your makeup, but soften and nourish your skin at the same time.

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