Marc Jacobs: Making America MARC Again

We all know President Trump’s campaign hats: those bright red baseball caps simply promising to “Make America Great Again.”

But designer Marc Jacobs has repurposed the slogan by injecting his own kooky vibe with “Make America Marc Again.” Jacobs debuted the hat at SXSW. The hat is available online and in-stores for $65.

“A mantra to get you motivated,” says the product description for the hat. “For anyone seeking for a slogan to lift their spirits, look no further.”

Marc Jacobs debut his new hat via Instagram while on a plane to SXSW

Last year, Jacobs was among the slew of designers to refuse to dress Melania Trump.

However, one does wonder how do we make the nation Marc again? Judging from Jacobs’ Instagram, just be outspoken and simultaneously chic.