2nd Annual #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale

World-renowned fashion designers and fashionistas empty out their closets for a notable cause.

Last Saturday on May 6th, the second annual #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale took place in Soho, London at Brewer Street Car Park. A car boot sale is where individuals sell certain items from the trunk (called a boot in England) of a car in a market setting. What makes this particular car boot sale so special is that 100% of the profit goes towards Women For Women International’s successful #SheInspiresMe campaign. Women For Women International (WFWI) is a “global sisterhood” that helps marginalized women who are survivors of war by providing them with the necessary support, skills and tools to become more stable, self-sufficient stronger women.

Car Boot Sale Poster

WFWI has programs that teach these women about their legal rights, health and nutrition, crucial high-demand skills, such as business and occupational skills, and more. This new knowledge will allow them to increase their chances of earning an income to take care of their families and communities. The #SheInspiresMe campaign is bringing much needed awareness to women in war-torn countries so that people can “take a stand against the injustices that they face.”

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The customers at the event directly helped these women by purchasing tickets and designer clothes at a bargain price. Alex Eagle, Hikari Yokoyama, Charlotte Olympia and Edeline Lee, are just a few of the contributors that made the car boot sale possible. They all emptied their closets full of designer clothes and accessories to sell from a car boot. Edeline Lee also designed exclusive Tshirts for the event. Lee is a profound fashion designer that creates looks for the “Future Lady”. Her Italian and French woven fabrics are handmade in England and Scotland. Solange Knowels, Taylor Swift and Pixie Lott are just a few of the celebs that have worn her “aesthetically sophisticated” signature look.

Overall, the event was another tremendous success. With the help of all the contributors, volunteers and WFWI, they earned £150,000 (approximately $193,500 U.S.)!

Be sure to keep up with the #SheInspiresMe campaign by joining the global sisterhood at WFWI!

erika lewis

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