TPM’s Top 10 Songs of Summer

It’s almost summertime. That means long cruises in the car, beach bonfires, and raucous rooftop parties. But what’s that one thing you’re missing? A Summer Soundtrack!

Our staff have collected their favorite songs of 2017 for your boombox (errr, Pandora account). Grab a drink, lean back in your lounge chair, and enjoy…

1. “Gelato” by Young Dolph

Let’s be real. You’re probably eating gelato right now anyway. But this song adds a whole new spin to the sweet treat. You’ll be rapping along in your car in no time.

2. “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man

This feel-good vintage vibe (“let’s kick it like it’s 1986”) makes you want to roll your toes in warm sand. It’s a classic toe-tapping song for beach boogieing. Trust me, you won’t be able to stop singing the infectious chorus.

3. “DNA.” by Kendrick Lamar

This title song from what is arguably one of the best albums of 2017 will make you want to speed on the highway. And we mean that in the best way possible.

4. “Redbone” by Childish Gambino

The sexiest song of the summer has arrived in the form of Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino’s crazy high-pitched voice. Turn it up on the radio as you cruise through the city on a warm sticky night. It’ll transport you to the 70’s and immediately relax you into a puddle of euphoria.

5. “I’m The One” by DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne

This is the quintessential summer song. It’s got everything (and almost everyone). Don’t deny yourself the secret love of Justin Bieber’s smooth voice, then let it carry you into Quavo’s reminiscing of youthful summer days. Enter Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne, all under the backdrop of a gorgeous mansion. Plan your own pool party to try to compete. Or just leave the video on repeat and pretend that you’re there too.

6. “Young, Dumb, and Broke” by Khalid

With light touches of reggae, this song begs for you to have a fruity drink in your hand. The cool rhythms and laid-back vibe make it the perfect summer chill song.

7. “Sonnetanz” by Klangkarusell

Even though this song was released in 2012, it is a summertime classic. Play it at any party and you will immediately have a full dance floor. Plus, the music video has a luscious decadence. As if Marie Antoinette was at a music festival.

8. “Electric ft. Khalid” by Alina Baraz

This hypnotically sensual song will make you want to just lay in the pool all day. Let the lyrics float over you as you tan before a night on the town.

9. “Green Light” by Lorde

Lorde’s sophomore album dropped just in time for summer, and boy did we miss her. “Green Light” is injected with a catchy chorus, similar to Robyn’s music. The song itself perfectly mixes the eeriness of Lorde’s voice with dance music. You’ll want this to play on repeat, trust me.

10. “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

And no summer would be complete without this 90’s classic. If anything, just watch the music video for a great case of nostalgia– did you even remember that Will Smith used to have a flat-top?!

Rock out, put on your short shorts, and get down to some good ol’ fashioned summer jams. And stay tuned for more, from KTPM radio.