Marc Jacobs #CastMeMarc Campaign

Last year, Marc Jacobs Beauty began an exciting campaign in search of the most unique and inspiring beauty bloggers to collaborate with the Marc Jacobs Beauty brand. Five winners were to be chosen at the end. The contest rules were simple; share a video on Instagram that captured what you find inspiring in the world of beauty and fashion, and why you should be chosen to be in the “beautymarc” video series.

Image credit “Marc Jacobs”

After reviewing a number of applications, ten finalists were selected to fly to New York and compete for the prize by recording a makeup tutorial video, which would then be judged by a beauty panel. After which, 5 finalists were chosen- Nathalie Sade Fontanges, Lucy Garland, Jay, Rhea Jacobs, and Zachary Edwards. Each has an edgy personality, with some avant-garde ideas. It will be exciting to see the product of the winners’ collaborations with Marc Jacobs Beauty!

Elizabeth Kunkov

I am a high school student with a passion for blogging