5 Limited Edition Beauty Products You Have to Have

We’re always on the lookout for the hottest trends and upcoming products in the beauty industry. What’s harder to find are ~limited edition~ products that are only available for a short period of time, and often disappear without a trace. That’s where we come in, and bring you up to speed on the products you just have to get your hands on. Here are 5 limited edition products that you’ve got to have.


Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder

It has become increasingly popular to use green, blue, purple, and orange colors on the face in order to cancel out unwanted coloration- such as redness and dark eye bags. The theory behind this idea is that on the color wheel, the two colors opposite each other will “cancel” each other out, therefore if green is directly across from red, then green will essentially cover up redness. That’s where the Givenchy powder comes in handy, when color-correcting your face. The powder is ultra-fine, and will even mattify your complexion. It won’t leave any odd coloration, as it’s translucent.

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

Locar’s new collection is Pirates of the Caribbean inspired, and it’s all you’ll ever need. The collection includes a cheek palette, eyeshadow palette with eyeliner included, and a few dual-ended lipglosses. The shades of the palettes are perfect for creating both your office day and night out look. It will take you anywhere from a natural, nude look to a smoky, dramatic eye. The design of the palettes are colorful, and very aesthetic. Jack Sparrow would definitely be proud.

Pur Cosmetics Bronze Your Selfie Liquid Bronzer

This bronzer is perfect if you want to give your skin a glowing, sun-kissed look. The best part about this product is that it can be used on the face and body- with our without makeup. Reviews on the Pur Cosmetics website are nothing but promising- many claim it took their skin from pale to tan, all while adding in hydration as well. It’s great to use on the warmer days when you’re wearing shorts, and want to look like you’ve already hit the beach. Or, use it before a large occasion, such as prom, or a wedding, to look naturally tanned and bronze. Pur Cosmetics also sells a foundation brush to make the application process easier.

Frank Body Shimmer Scrub

Body scrubs are extremely helpful for removing the dry, dead skin, and brightening the skin’s complexion. This scrub will not only make you shimmer, but will make your skin smooth again. The best part is that it’s completely vegan, so you’re achieving your radiant look using all-natural products. The most special ingredient in this scrub is “glow dust”, which is specks of gold and silver to leave you with the glittery, golden look. Other ingredients include sugar and salt, for exfoliation, roasted and ground Robusta coffee beans, grapeseed oil, and Vitamin E oil.

Prada Candy Lipstick Perfumes

Prada is now selling a collection of perfumes that will keep you smelling sweet and fruity from the gym to the nightclub. Each travel-sized bottle comes in a chic package that was inspired by Prada accessories. The scent type falls under the category of “warm and sweet gourmands”. What’s not to love about sweet perfumes?

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