What Does The Met Gala Really Mean?

The Met Gala has come and gone, but social media is still buzzing with images of the attendees from this year’s gala. As we know, every year a designer who has contributed creatively to the fashion industry as an art form.

Although the gala is fashion industry’s biggest night, the attire seems to have lost it’s originality and imagination over the past several years. The guests were more apt to choose a piece designed by the designer being honored, or at least chose a style that imitated the theme.

Below are a few comments of what our writers think of how the Met Gala is evolving into:

I’ve always loved this time of year when the Met Gala is back. I enjoy seeing how these celebrities come up with an outfit out of the norm to achieve the event’s theme. It tends to give you a sense of their personality and style. My personal favorite this year was Rihanna’s attire. This year her Comme des Garçons outfit was fascinating to stare at. The outfit had circular shapes that were so elaborate, while the colors and floral pattern complemented each other perfectly. She definitely stood out from the rest. It was so unusual that it was beautiful. Whereas many didn’t dress the part, I believe that the Met is a great way to have fun with your outfit. It’s the time of year besides Halloween that you can get experiment and put together an astonishing outfit.”

Amy Beltran- Fashion Writer

The Met Gala, one of the biggest and if not the only ONE event that is for pure fashion lovers and creatives alike. It is about putting on a showcase for designer(s), while also incorporating a theme that MOST attendees follow. This year, 2017, seemed to heavily lack the “Art’s-In-Between” theme that was being tied to its honorary chairman, Rei Kawakubo. Kawakubo is known for being the founder and designer of Comme des Garcon. A major clothing brand that literally spews ART in it’s designs. While some celebrities, mostly Rihanna stuck to the theme, many seemed to forget the memo. Showing up in minimal garments and or pageant like pieces (why is fast fashion H&M making a gown?).
What I want to know is where was a MAJOR lover of the art’s, Daphne Guinness? She was a very big muse of the late and great Alexander McQueen, and was known for her very eccentric outfit choices. Although being one of the very FEW to walk in McQueen’s legendary armadillo 10 inch heels, she was literally able to take certain pieces and make them extremely wearable. The last time I believe the Met Gala truly STUCK to it’s theme was back in 2015 and it’s glorious ‘PUNK’ theme. Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen were highly noted designers and it was a wonderful sight to see. Lastly I will include, the attendees of the gala have severely changed. The gala was once known for an EXCLUSIVE batch of true people who ONLY worked in the fashion industry. Now we see those showing up who honestly, have no right to be there. I can only hope for a better Gala next year in 2018. One that will not heavily disappoint.
Katy Perry looked like she was going to a human blood sacrifice for Satan…”

Katja Nyquist-Fashion Director

“RIGHT??? OMG… one of my fashion pet peeves. You paid $30,000 to be there and you show up in WHAT? With zero idea of why you are there? Sigh.”

Andrea Bell- Executive Director

For me the Met Gala is the event of the year, it is always the first Monday of May and you sit and wait to see what celebrities have made the cut and what designer has dressed them. This year I was delighted that the exhibition was Rei Kawakubo/Comme Des Garcons: Art of the Inbetween. In 1983 Yves Saint Laurent was the first living designer to be given a solo show at the Met, Rei Kawakubo is the second…what an honour. She pushes boundaries, goes where other designers fear and most of her clothes just look really weird—her collabs with speedo and Nike are exempt from this— so whilst celebrities do not HAVE to dress like the exhibition, it is of course encouraged. However, it seemed most celebrities this year were not encouraged to do so, actually very little clothing was worn at all. Whilst Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bündchen and Selena Gomez looked nothing less than stunning they certainly did not scream I love this theme and I am going to run with it. However, a round of applause goes to Katy Perry, Blake Lively, Katy Perry and Rihanna who were clearly excited by this years theme and paying tribute to one of the most influential designers ever.”

Charlotte Tomaszewska-Online Lifestyle Presenter
“I was only waiting to see Blake Lively, to see how stunning she is, how perfect her dress would be, and indeed it was. She is exceptional for me.”
Adrianna M. – Fashion Writer
The Met Gala is my fashion fantasy- a night celebrating the avant-garde, where “too-much” isn’t in the vocabulary.”
Kaitlyn Spratt- Fashion Writer
 “I thought that the men could have stepped it up with shapes and structure. I was not happy with Migos or Jaden Smith, as they both got a ton of camera time. Diddy and Cassie looked very cool. Rihanna was the only one for me that was original and theme fitting, while Katy Perry was not original and looked like Gaga. There could have been more outrageous ensembles which would have paid better respect to Rei & Comme. This night is supposed to be about art. Kendall and Bella looked awesome and I think they did fit the theme as most models do not go as far out as the musicians; they wore daring pieces and caught people’s attention which is what alot of Commes de Garçon is about. Originality is what the artists could have really gone far with, but didn’t. stylists should have pushed it. Oh, btw, Mary Kate and Ashley can do whatever they want, and looked awesome doing it. They’re original!”
Erin Kiley- Fashion Writer
The Met Gala is now in full force. Forever known as an inauguration for exhibited fashions of exclusive designers, the event has now shifted to what seems to be a red carpet launch party. Originally, the event was about supporting designers exhibited at their biggest fundraiser of the year. As years passed, celebrities began to attend and use this as a time to wear extravagant, out-of-this-world stunners. This years Met Gala has definitely presented a lot of different looks this time around. Every style thinkable was covered, from in-the-nude, to what could have been sculptures; the Met Gala was exceptionally, yet again, a showcase of some of the most exquisite pieces.”
Lianne Almeida- Fashion Writer
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