It’s Time for Plastic to Go

We are all aware of the negative effects of plastic water bottles on our environment. And we are learning more and more about how the creation and processing of recycled plastic is also pollutive. With BPA, toxins, and all the environmental damage concerns resulting from non-recycled plastic used in the recycling process, recycled plastic is not a sufficient answer. As we highlighted in our recent Recycling Your Water Bottle? Think Again article, even recycled water bottles pose frightening and serious risks to our oceans and our bodies. The concluding message of the article was – Do Not Buy Plastic.

Find plastic water bottle alternatives, stylish water bottles at S'well bottle Wood Collection
S’well bottle Wood Collection

So, what other options for plastic containers are there? The answer is, quite literally, S’well. This company makes some of the most stylish yet functional bottles we have ever used. Even better, these bottles are composed of triple walled, non-leaching, non-toxic stainless steel. S’well bottles are beautifully crafted and a much better health decision for you and the environment.

Another thing we love about this company are all the wonderful environmental efforts that they are involved in. For example, for every Wood Collection bottle sold (maybe our favorite design of all) S’well plants one tree. S’well is also a proud supporter of MillionTreesNYC, an effort by the New York City parks who have made it their goal to plant one million new trees in New York City over the next ten years. It is community and environmental efforts like this that really make a difference.

Another great option we love are LifeFactory glass water bottles. These glass bottles are made of eco-friendly materials that are both safe and simple. Perhaps the most interesting feature of these water bottles is the versatility that they offer. For example, LifeFactory offers a line of glass baby bottles that are BPA and toxin free. However, when the baby grows up and the bottle is no longer useful, LifeFactory has eliminated the need to recycle or dispose of the bottles. This company conveniently offers multiple style caps for all containers that allow the glass bottle to function as a baby bottle, water bottle, jar, or storage container. Reducing waste is always a great idea. Re-purposing useful items – even better. LifeFactory aspires to generate products with exceptional quality and utility in an informed and eco-friendly manner.

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Eco baby bottles
Lifefactory reusable, multipurpose

These are just two of our favorite choices that are practical, environmentally safe, and do not possess the many negative attributes that plastic water bottles involve. But there are many other options out there, including lots of great locally made products and goods. It is important to remember the key message – avoid buying plastic. There are many other alternatives that are abundantly more healthful for yourself and the environment. Please purchase with care.