Girl Power With ROUND + SQUARE

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Girl Power With ROUND + SQUARE

Women's Aquarelle Paisley Relaxed Long Sleeve Tee

Girl Power With ROUND + SQUARE

Let's Make Equality Reality Bandana in Black

Girl Power With ROUND + SQUARE

Women's Girl Power Crewneck Round Hem Tee

Girl Power With ROUND + SQUARE

Equal Power Statement Pin- White & Silver on Black

Girl Power With ROUND + SQUARE

Let's Make Equality Reality Shawl in Navy & Red

Girl Power With ROUND + SQUARE

Girl Power Bandana in Blush

Girl Power With ROUND + SQUARE

Women's Glam Paisley Draped Dolman Tee

Girl Power With ROUND + SQUARE

Let's Make Equality Reality Shawl in Black

Their motto says it all.

“Designed with passion, driven by values”,
ROUND + SQUARE is a deserving company of visionaries changing the way we think about fashion.

This conscious brand is powered by heart, morals, and vision. They seamlessly bring together style, substance and sustainability.

Beautifully crafted designs and superior, sustainable quality are ROUND + SQUARE’s top priorities. Fashion designer Henriette Ernst creates artful and sophisticated pieces through a mix of unique techniques and materials.

You can feel the love poured into these thoughtful pieces, and wearing them turns fashion into a statement of peace- between colors, genders, and our relationship with this earth.

Each of their styles are carefully developed following the highest ethical, labor and ecological standards.

The brand wants to make sure you’re getting the most out of fashion for the best possible value.
They understand the issues women and girls face around the world. Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable having a serious conversation about these topics.

The goal is to change that reality in a subtle and playful way, and ROUND + SQUARE is using fashion to accomplish this goal.

The unique designs incorporate Equality Now’s logo and inspiring messages into beautiful pieces that effortlessly start the conversation. Join their social movement using the hashtag #IWEARCAUSEICARE and spread powerful messages of female empowerment while standing up for the cause.

While holding to high-fashion design standards, ROUND + SQUARE have established an efficient supply chain method that allows you to get great style and the best value.
By selling exclusively online, they’ve removed layers of unnecessary costs by cutting out the middleman and bypassing the traditional wholesale process.

This method also benefits our environment. As a result, they are able to further invest in product quality and maximize the giving opportunity for their charity partners. With this system, everyone wins.

They hold a high-level of responsibility towards the well- being of our planet, carefully considering all parties involved in bringing their designs to life.
ROUND + SQUARE emphasizes the use of sustainable materials and processes by using 100% organically farmed cotton (GOTS certified) and woven labels made of yarn recycled from PET bottles.

Their suppliers use innovative methods to make a difference, such as Canepa’s Kitotex® printing process that cuts down water use and toxins. High labor standards is their mantra – and they steer away from unfair, slave and child labor. Healthy planet. Satisfied workers. Happy you.

ROUND + SQUARE wants their customers to enjoy fashion while advocating for women and girls around the world. Passionate about the cause, ROUND + SQUARE donates 30% of sales proceeds to Equality Now.

The founder is inspired by the organization’s remarkable work using the law to create a more just world where women and girls enjoy the same rights as men and boys.
In the fashion world, women’s rights may inspire collections, but not everyone is willing to take that extra step and make a difference. They made this issue their mission.


If taking care of our planet and helping those in need are as important to you as a fashion statement, ROUND + SQUARE has earned their place in your wardrobe. This brand deserves our support. They are the future of fashion, and we’re so thrilled to spread the love poured into their clothing with the world.

Rachael Davis

Artist, content creator and film student passionate about making our planet happier. Dedicated to spreading love, living a zero waste lifestyle, and living consciously.