How Brands and Artists are Creating Fashionable Products

The best brands are the ones that take the time to connect with the customers using different methods. Nowadays, many companies believe they need to become tech-savvy to survive in the 21st-century marketplace, utilizing gadgets like virtual reality to compete with their rivals and drive sales. However, the best way a brand can remain relevant is by aiming to create a sense of community when engaging with an audience.

One of the most effective ways to develop a brand culture is by focusing on brand-artist collaborations, which can help build meaningful relationships with customers. Millennials are not looking for products; they are looking for experiences – which is why brand-artist collaborations can work so well when executed right. By doing so, you can create genuine consumer excitement when releasing products, services or marketing campaigns.

Create an Authentic Relationship
Any brand wanting to start a brand-artist collaboration must strive to develop an authentic partnership. It is important the pairing is natural to both the artist and the brand. For example, Kanye West and Adidas have managed to create one of the biggest footwear iterations of all time: Yeezy. This innovative sneaker collection sells out as quick as it is released – and the hype surrounding each sneaker launch has managed to create an engaged community of sneaker fans, always discussing what the next silhouette will look like.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Another brand collaborating successfully with artists is Auster, which is a curated marketplace that provides the best flavored e-liquids that have been created to the highest standards. They also work with artists to develop their monthly vape boxes to provide a cultural experience for subscribers, celebrating music, fashion and art. Also, they host live events to bring people together to connect through conversation, music and art.

Engage with an Audience
The modern consumer is smarter than you give them credit for. There is only so much a brand can say about their product, so it helps to work with artists to develop sights and sounds that embody the message you want to convey to an audience.

With people consuming so much content every day, both on and offline, your marketing campaign must stand out, or it will blend into the background. So, give consumers something to talk about, and provide them with experiences they want and memories they will share with others. By collaborating with artists, your brand will tell the consumer that you aim to provide valuable experiences for their enjoyment – which most millennials will appreciate.

Music can be the best form of expression. So, when a brand collaborates with an artist, they allow them to tell a story on the company’s behalf. You will, therefore, have an opportunity to share your brand’s vision in a unique way, which could improve your image while allowing you to reach out to new demographics.

You should, therefore, view brand-artist collaborations as a way of developing authentic, engaging marketing, which shows the consumer that you understand the importance of creating meaningful experiences.

Adrielyn Christi

Senior US Fashion Editor and PR for Trend Prive Magazine. Finding the latest and greatest in fashion and to have the ability to share it with the world is truly my passion.