Sephora’s Free Makeup Classes for People Living with Cancer

“Classes for Confidence” Sephora’s social classes, aiming to help people feel happier and more confident, launches a new program on April 9.


Be Beautiful and Brave

“Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer” is a 90-minutes class organized for people who are fighting with cancer and who wish to learn some beauty secrets. The retailer’s philosophy is simple: living more confidently can “help inspire fearlessness in those facing major life transitions”. These Makeup Classes were created in order to empower ill people and encourage them to feel beautiful.


What it’s all about?

During 90 minutes together, Sephora’s beauty specialists will create a personalized Color IQ (an analyze of complexion and matching products), skin care tips, and makeup tutorials.

Sephora’s employees who suffer from cancer have prepared the curriculum for the course. This led to creating a unique content which focuses on daily beauty problems of those who deal with cancer like creating natural-looking brows or cover skin spots.

The brand created a touching video promoting the event. It shows how important beauty aspect is for sick people. They all agree that while battling with cancer you should never give up on your beauty routines. They add that struggling with hair loss problems is very stressful and being able to “doll up” a bit makes them feel pretty again and confident again.
Sephora Stands Logo

Sephora wants to achieve the goal by cooperating with individuals and non-profit organizations. The “Classes for Confidence” are a part of a social campaign “Sephora Stands”. “Sephora Stands” has three main goals. They inspire through supporting female founders and they teach in order to make women more confident. Finally, they give by standing “shoulder-to-shoulder with our employees in times of need”.

The newest “Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer” will launch on April 9 and will be available in 50 locations. The enrollment and the course are free. To submit your application click here

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