5 Reasons Why You Need Rituel de Fille Black Anti-Highlighter

Have you ever thought of highlighting your face with black pigment? No, I didn’t make a mistake. Black as night, anti-highlighter Eclipse Inner Glow Crème Pigment is all you need to create an edgy makeup on your cheeks, lips, and also your eyelids.

  1. It’s a Black Magic.

    Putting a product somewhere else than your eyes and lips sounds ridiculous? Not any more. Three sisters, owners of makeup brand Rituel de Fille, just presented their latest black anti-highlighter. It does everything from being a lipstick or a blush to contouring and much more. Don’t worry, you won’t look like your playing with coal. This cosmetic effect is rather impressive and very mysterious.

  2. You can use it everywhere

    Rituel de Fille says straightaway: contouring, blushing, using as a lipstick or an eyeshadow. Wherever you want. Its creamy structure makes it quite easy to spread on the lips giving you a dark plummy finish. Anti-highlighter is also very easy to put on eyelids or your brows, if you wish to.

  3. It’s natural and cruelty-free

    Ritual de fille prides itself on being “99 percent natural” makeup brand. As they highlight, they try to use as few ingredients as possible to obtain a velvet texture of their products. Not only are they a cruelty-free brand, but they also work with ingredients’ providers who don’t test the cosmetics on animals. One argument less to say “no” to the black anti-highlighter.

  4. It’s for a day and evening makeup

    The Eclipse Inner Glow Crème Pigment can dramatize your look, but it can also be a perfect daytime friend. As it’s multifunctional, the anti-highlighter will go well as an eyeshadow or a product to get a darker shade from your lipstick. If you want to show your inner “dark princes” put a little more of the Eclipse Pigment on your lips and your cheeks. You are ready to conquer and rule the world!

    Another new upcoming product I'm super excited for is this black creme blush from @ritueldefille . The one thing I love about their creme blushes is that they can be used for anything (eyes, lips, face, etc), anytime I do a gory eye art piece or anything anatomy related, their creme blushes are used one way or another. What I'm really dying to use this for is as a creme contour, figured if I mix it with my white concealer, it'd make a beautiful gray tone; it'd definitely come in handy when doing my drag themed looks or just more dramatic contouring in general. Will most likely do a "test" video of this once I get my hands on it, since it's definitely not the norm for a creme blush color, I think it'd be fun to test it out on video ?? #ritueldefille #thismakesmygothhearthappy #blackcremeblush

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  5. Rituel de Fille can ship it free!

    The beauty brand launches April 5 and the Eclipse Inner Glow Crème Pigment cost $29. However, you can get a free shipping in USA and Canada. Their products are also available in the UK. For now, anti-highlighter is not sold at drug stores.

    Встречайте чёрный хайлайтер @ritueldefille! ? Новинка в оттенке под название Eclipse представлена в кремово-гелевой текстуре без блёсток, чтобы придать скулам, векам или губам полупрозрачный холодный оттенок. Также чёрный хайлайтер можно наносить сверху или под любые румяна, тени и помаду. К слову, косметика-хамелеон сейчас большой тренд. Особое внимание обратите на чёрные помады, которые только кажутся чёрными. На губах они приобретают приятный ягодный оттенок. Лёгкий, но в то же время дерзкий. Такие есть у Guerlain и Givenchy. #ritueldefille #black #highlighter #макияж #косметика #хайлайтер #бьютиновинки

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