Bella Thorne fronts Buxom Cosmetics Campaign

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish (via

Buxom Cosmetics is a go-to brand for lip products. Known for their cool Full-On LipPolish lip plumpers that works fabulously to create a perfect pout.

Buxom’s latest campaign features Bella Thorne and her #BandofBabes. Thorne will be appearing in digital campaigns, social media, and developed social content. Bella is known for her bold fashion and beauty choices (not to mention she absolutely kills it every time). Her style accurately represents the boldness of Buxom’s brand. Throne saying “being a Buxom babe is a true expression of who I am. I love to do it big and that attracted me to the brand…” (via theslanted)

Buxom Lash Mascara (via instagram)

This campaign will feature their previously mentioned Full-On Lip Polish, Mascara, and their new PlumpLine Lip Liner that launched this past February.

The #BandofBands campaign focuses on Thorne with her fun squad of friends bringing out their best selves with Buxom Cosmetics.