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“Don’t grow old Maria, it stinks,” that’s what my mother always tells
me, but we all know getting older in inevitable. Here at Trend Privé
Magazine we believe with time comes wisdom, knowledge and great
hydrated skin. That is as long as you have Boscia’s “Tsubaki Splash
Mask Highly Concentrated Instant Deep Hydation Treatment.”

Bosnia Skin Care
Image Credit: Boscia

This product can be used in two different ways:

Application 1:
In basin or bowl: Mix one to two pumps with warm water and splash
onto face for 15 to 20 seconds. Additional pumps may be added for
deeper hydration benefits. Pat mixture onto skin and let dry. Do not
rinse or wipe off.
Application 2:
In shower: Pat one pump directly onto thoroughly wet, cleansed face.
Do not rinse or wipe off.

My mother and I used the hydration treatment each for 28 days each
using a different method.

My mother who is in her mid 60’s, with average skin used application 1.
She noticed most that the treatment helped to lock in moisture and
didn’t sting her face like so many other treatments do. My mother
suffers from rosacea so the added hydration helped to calm the redness
and irritation on her skin, which she absolutely adored. Since the
redness wasn’t as noticeable, she realized she was using less

Her only complaint, which I actually think is a good thing, was if she
used more than ½ a pump to a pump, she felt it left a little residue.
So she recommends less is more, and I like the fact you don’t need a
lot, therefore saving yourself some money.

She rates it 4.5 stars out of 5.0

I am in my early 30’s with sensitive combo skin and used application 2.
With the first week I didn’t notice much of a difference, second week
I thought my skin appeared slightly smoother, and the third week it
looked brighter than life happened, and that’s when I really realized
how well it had been working! The week after not using it, my
face was so textured, and not smooth like it had been in the previous
weeks. I was bummed. I’m on day three of using it again, and I can
already see and feel the difference. Needless to say, the hydration
mask will be a product used daily from here on out.

Rating 5 out of 5 star review

MariaNoel Bagnulo

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