How to Style the Clothes You Already Have

Today, the media is saturated with fashion, trendy and what looks to be so unique, that you have to go out and buy those specific pieces. In reality, you don’t. Style can’t be bought. There are some exceptions to those fashionistas who are able to afford the luxury gear, but the reason why they’re called fashionistas isn’t because of what they have. It is all about how they put the look together. The best part is, styling is free and everything you need is sitting right in your closet.

The misconception that most people have is that they believe in order to be stylish, you need to have those expensive, unique, pieces. Do you ever consider what exactly makes up those outfits you’ve been screenshotting all over social media? Some Advice: break down that outfit you love before you go out and buy that “stylish” shirt you think you don’t already have.

With that to keep in mind, we’ve put together just a couple of  tiny, timeless tricks to turn the clothes you leave at the back of your closet, into masterpieces…



  1. Roll It Up
Credit: Greg Kessler

Your favorite shirt could be a thrifted men’s button-down for all you know. The secret is rolling up the sleeves. Doing this simple step will add a cool vibe to just about any button-down.


2. Cut those Jeans

Credit: They All Hate Us

Cuffing jeans has been around for years now, but everyone tends to forget about those handy pairs of scissors. Frayed, cut jean legs are in now and it is so easy to do. A simple snip and a good wash, and you are good to go!


3. Mix “Fancy” with Casual

Credit: Style DuMonte

There is no rule that you can’t wear jeans with a pair of heels. Pairing the two will make any outfit look more expensive and put together. This does not limit heels to just pointed pumps, but you can also rock an open-toed Maryjane-style heel, wedges, high-heeled boots/booties/sandals… The possibilities are endless!


4. Tuck It

Credit: Sarah Harris

Whatever the shirt, tuck it, even if it’s just one side. Tucking in any top will make it more appealing and will add dimension to an outfit. Long tops can get boring and tend to hide the figure. Revealing just one side of the hip can allow the eyes to view the pants with relation to the shirt, overall adding to the look.


5. Accessorize

Credit: Style DuMonde

This may seem like the hardest step, but it’s actually the easiest. A simple pair of sunglasses, a handbag, a watch, and some jewelry, alone or layered, can go a long way. The best thing about this is to remember that anything and everything can match. Colors are used much loosely today and being creative is key. Try layering different lengths of necklaces and bunching together bracelets and watches. These are the finishing touches that really personalize an outfit to the wearer.


Here is my take on creating what looks to be a hard-to-achieve look, when in reality, it is one of the most affordable outfits I own, (and I styled it myself!)


As a base, I chose my favorite DIY distressed jeans, and cuffed them just once up. For my top, I decided to wear this plain white, ribbed, mock-neck sweater, which I have tucked in on my left side. This sweater is not only a basic staple item, but its perfect for transitioning into the spring season if your winter has been cold. For outerwear, my favorite jacket to wear is this double-layered black trench coat (a sweet deal at Macy’s). For the best part, the accessories, I decided to go with these aviators by Steve Madden, a Burberry-inspired scarf (a luxury dupe), a black Kate Spade handbag, and a watch I also purchased on sale from Macy’s. To finish off the look, I rocked these Nine West nude pumps, another steal from TJ Maxx.

At the end of the day, as much as us shopaholics want to keep shopping for that perfect outfit, always remember that style and trends are in your closet and if they aren’t, it can most likely be created!



Lianne Almeida

Fashion Content Writer

Fashion Marketing & Management Student