Sonjdra Deluxe’s NEW Palette With Deck of Scarlet~Review

Deck Of Scarlet ~ Review by Rachel Lisa, Contributing Beauty Expert

Ladies, we’ve all seen the masses of curated monthly ‘try-me’ sized subscriptions out there. From makeup to skincare to nails, hair and even clothing, the options can be overwhelming and even repetitive. I can’t tell you how many can of travel-sized dry shampoo I’ve received  in the last year. And to be honest, as a professional makeup artist, their contents often bore me. Until Deck of Scarlet showed up on my doorstep.

What is it?

Deck of Scarlet has nothing trial-sized about it. It’s a full-sized makeup palette an eyeliner included, delivered to your door every two months for only $29.95. To top it off, each palette is curated by a professional makeup artist to ensure you can get multiple looks, from daytime to dramatic out of each palette and stay on trend. My initial palette was co-created by top YouTube Beauty-Expert Sonjdra Deluxe, which had 3 eyeshadows, 2 lip colors, and eyeliner, and 1 each powder and cream blush included.

Image Credit Deck of Scarlet
Sonjdra Deluxe for Deck of Scarlet
Image credit Deck of Scarlet
Deck of Scarlet Sonjdra Deluxe’s Palette Image credit Deck of Scarlet
Image Credit Deck of Scarlett
Deck of Scarlet Box Image Credit Deck of Scarlett

First impressions: Let’s be honest, how cool is that name? It just SOUNDS sexy, and it is! Also this baby comes packaged in a super sturdy box with nothing flimsy about it. Even the layout of the palette was innovative and unique.

Putting it to the test:

This makeup is no joke. At $29.99, I was skeptical on the quality of this palette, but I was blown away. Pigmentation, blendability, it’s all there. And as promised, I found at least 4 ways to use this palette for different effects, which I was excited about, because I ended up loving a few colors that I might now have normally purchased, but their online tutorials made it all even easier to use. I will say that I think it’s assumed that most people who will subscribe to this palette already own some basic eyeshadow colors, as with my skin tone, I had to reach for a light cream shade to use beneath my brow bone, but if you don’t own a color like that, this box might not be for you. Or you might be a straight man.

Final Verdict:

I love love LOVE this idea and this service. While I received my palette gratis for review as a beauty contributor, I immediately went to my computer and signed up for my own subscription. Get yours at

Rachel Lisa, Makeup Artist, Trend Privé Magazine Contributor, Cincinnati, OH

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