WGC Responding To Community Needs

Responding to the needs and the requests from local areas, 2016 marked the year in which The Women of Global Change began creating and opening area chapters across the U.S.  This was just the beginning as more chapters are about to open and requests from outside the U.S. are also being received.

In this exciting time the main mission of The Women of Global Change is at the heart of each chapter.  This means that there are opportunities for self-development, business development, networking, and community service on the ground.  The annual summit is a great example of such community service project in action.

For Atlanta in 2016 that means partnering with the Amanda Riley Foundation, whose activities and focus center around children with cancer.  Barbara Riley, the founder, created this foundation based on her personal experience, her family’s loss of their daughter Amanda.  Barbara has dedicated her life to raise awareness of this issue and continues to not only support the children and families affected by this disease but also works hard on trying to raise funds for continued research to find a cure.

The Atlanta Chapter committee took this on as their first partner because of the way that the ARF operates and the way, in which support could be provided, especially since the ARF gives 100% of any funds raised money to serve and help children and families with cancer. They do not take a salary nor have any employees.

For the chapter there were two main projects they worked on, while continuously supporting them.  These two projects was the “1000 Smiles campaign.” Here the chapter partnered by creating T-Shirts to raise money that would help grant a wish to a child living with cancer.  The second was the annual ARF “Breakfast with Santa.”  For this one chapter meeting was dedicated to collecting toys, wrapping toys and creating cards for affected families.

Every year this – and every WGC chapter – partners with one organization working on a main hands-on project that does impact the community positively so that we can truly be the change.

Every currently existing chapter is now identifying their annual project and partnership, which is a very exciting time for The Women of Global Change.  The projects will range depending on the needs in each community so that we, together, can be most helpful in improving our communities positively for the long term.


The Women of Global Change participates in communities and also International projects of betterment. We do this through many different programs, missions and adventures. We work together in business, power, and spirit. We do this to provide a better world for ourselves, other women, children, and all human-kind. We also are creating chapters to serve even more impactful locally.