Lisa Frank X Glamour Dolls

Vegan make-up line Glamour Dolls teamed up with everyone’s favorite brand, Lisa Frank, to make an angled make-up brush. The accent has accents of pink and rose gold. Of course, it’s covered in her classic rainbow unicorns.

Glamour Dolls is looking to make new Lisa Frank products with a Kickstarter campaign. They plan to make a lip balm, matte mousse, liquid liner, unicorn lippie, highlight powder, and a vegan leather make up bag. All these products with her adorable, classic style. They’ve exceeded their desired amount by $110, 082.

Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls Angled Blush Brush 


The Angled Brush is on pre-sale which will ship out in April. As for the rest of the products they plan, check their Kickstarter and Glamour Dolls Instagram for updates!

Having products covered in Lisa Frank will basically be us reliving our childhoods, in a somewhat older adult fashion. What more is there to want?