Why You Should Own A Trench Coat

A trench coat has been a staple garment in wardrobes for over a century.

The garment has been worn by various icons throughout the ages, such as Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992), Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993), Jackie O. (1929-1994) and Emma Watson (1990-present). Camel is a widely known trench coat color and an easy go-to for a first time purchase. If the go-to color feels to drab for you, opt for an adventurous color such as red or pink. Is bling your thing? Look for one with embellishments such as gold zippers and pockets. We recommend buying one in a neutral color with a detachable hood. Hoods are perfect for rainy days, especially when you don’t have an umbrella on hand.

Kow Tow Trench Coat from Gather & See wardrobe staple
Kow Tow Trench Coat from Gather & See $220

Need a crisp finishing touch for business, evening, or streetwear? Buy a trench coat. It’s perfect to wear over a little black dress for date night or you can style up tennis shoes, mesh leggings, and a crop top with a trench coat for a chic athletic look. Trench coats are known as a classic for a reason; the outfits to wear under one is limitless.  This timeless piece can update outfits from dusty to polished. Women of all shapes and sizes can pull this item off because it cinches the waist and creates a nice hourglass figure whether having a curvy or petite body shape.

Nicole Bridger Discover Trench sustainable fashion wardrobe staple
Nicole Bridger Trench Coat $398

Don’t feel guilty splurging on this garment. Trench coats never go out of style and a quality one will last for years. The trench coat you are wearing at 20 could be the same trench coat you are wearing at 60. Trench coats are water repellent and protect you from the harsh wind. Think of this purchase as a good investment. Spring and fall aren’t the only seasons you can wear this coat, you can wear it during winter for special occasions and for those unexpected warm winter days. There are trench coats suitable for every budget. Whether you spend $220 on a KowTow trench from Gather & See, $398 at Nicole Bridger or $1,925 at Stella McCartney,  the choice is up to you (and your paycheck).

Stella McCartney Trench Coat Slow Fashion Luxury
Stella McCartney Estrella Trench $1,925



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