In-Season Produce: Better For You, Better For The World

When purchasing produce, it is best to buy the fruits and veggies that are in-season. Curious, why?  Here are just five of the many reasons it is best to eat in season produce.


Cost Beneficial

Image Credit: Investment Person
Image Credit: Investment Person

When produce is in-season, there is an abundance of the crop. Due to the economic theory of supply and demand, the cost of the product declines. Consequentially, you save more money.


Bursting with Flavor

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Flavor and nutrition are at their peak ripeness immediately after harvesting. When you chose to purchase in-season produce, less travel time is necessary to get the food to you. Therefore, you will be getting freshly harvested, immensely flavorful food.


Environmentally friendly

Image Credit: Victory Road
Image Credit: Victory Road

Placing a demand on in season produce consequently lowers the demand for out of season produce. This acts as a benefit to the economy, supporting local farming. The closer to home products are, the less handling of the food. The cultivating and distributing process contains many refrigerators, hot houses, and methods of transport (trucks, trains, planes, etc.). Reducing the usage of machinery saves electricity whilst decreasing environmental pollution.


Palate Expansion

Image Credit: Food Network Pictured above is oven roasted rutabaga
Image Credit: Food Network

Each season has a different variety of in-season produce. Utilizing the produce in season encourages you to get creative with the recipes you try. Trying new recipes is only the tip of the iceberg. When you try different recipes, you are consuming different foods and perhaps spices. The variety in consumption will expand your horizons and broaden your palate.


Aligned with body’s natural desires

Image Credit: The Odyssey Online
Image Credit: The Odyssey Online

Before the days in which food was mass produced and shipped all over the world, people ate whatever was available, as the only available food was the food in season. This is what people consumed. Eating what is in-season has proven to be a benefit as evolution has trained our body’s to desire the nutrients in which the in-season produce is rich in. Therefore, choosing to eat the food that is naturally available, falls into an alignment with the body’s desires.

Now the question is, what is in-season? I’m here to tell you the answer!

In-Season Vegetables for the month of February:

Broccoli                           Parsnips

Brussel Sprout                Sweet Potatoes

Cabbage                           Turnips

Cauliflower                      Radishes

Kale                                  Rutabagas


Looking for recipes? I recommend Supercook. This site allows you to enter the ingredients you wish to use. It then filters through recipes and compiles a list of recipes included the ingredients you add.


Alaina Carstensen

Gastronomy Content Contributor

Alaina Carstensen is a high school senior at Milton High School. Alaina is a dog lover and a tea fanatic who absolutely loves being in the kitchen. She takes every possible opportunity to cook a fresh meal.