PETA Buys Stake in Louis Vuitton

In order to put pressure on the French company, LVMH to stop selling products made with exotic animal skins, PETA is using to power of smart investment. On Thursday January 12th, PETA announced it bought one share in the luxury fashion house. PETA is now permitted to attend shareholder meetings and their representatives will then be able to question the board in front of other shareholders in hopes of influencing a change for the better.

Image Credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images
Image Credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

PETA has recently released a film which reportedly shows poor conditions at farms that have supplied LVMH, which were not named. In response, the LVMH brand said its Louis Vuitton brand has ceased all trading with Vietnamese farms.

“The LVMH group and its suppliers ceased all trading in 2014 with the farms named by Peta,” LVMH said on Friday, adding that it sources its crocodile skins from other Asian suppliers.

This is another big win for PETA, which consistently works to stop cruelty to all animals and sends a message to other luxury fashion houses to stop using the skins of crocodiles and other exotic animals.

Adrielyn Christi

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