Prabal Gurung’s SS17 Collection


Prabal Gurung introduces his soulful SS17 collection this spring in honor of his mother and her fight against male chauvinism. The collection follows an array of pieces symbolizing modern feminism, inspired by Gloria Steinem’s ‘My Life On the Road.’ On the journey, the women were all in ruffled asymmetrical skirts with silver statement jewelry pieces, which are now a part of Gurung’s new jewelry collection. All pieces are handmade in Nepal from recycled metals. The designer had the urge to emulate Steinem’s strength and fight for women’s equality and harmony. He had a different take on the mission this time around.

Gurung sought to translate his message through feministic fashions. Instead of empowering women by dressing them more masculine to put up a fight to men, he chose to create a collection with much femininity. Silhouettes of his SS17 flow fluidly in cobalt blue, gold, and various organic tones. Most pieces are full of pleats, capes, and high slits that all give a sense of sensuality to every style shown. Being asked upon his new spring collection, Gurung claims that:

“It all really ties back to this new idea of feminism. Being a feminist today isn’t about burning your bras or being against men. My girl isn’t afraid of her femininity and she’s aware that her biggest strength comes from embracing it.”

He has definitely made a tremendous impression and statement with the new collection and his elegant propositions to feminism.

Photo Credits: Prabal Gurung NY Fashion Week

Lianne Almeida

Fashion Content Writer

Fashion Marketing & Management Student