2017 Beauty Trends

The new year marks many new trends in beauty and fashion. Keeping track of it all can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help! A couple of the biggest trends are below for you to follow or discard at your leisure.

Long Hair

Carven F/W 16-17 via Vogue

Super long hair is going to be huge in 2017. We mean, like, really long hair. Whether that’s extensions or natural, go for it!

Glitter Lips

This was made famous by Pat McGrath who dusted glitter on lips last year. It’s really taking off for this year and it’s a great way to sparkle your way through the new year.

Dewy Look

Whether it’s cheeks, eyes or even lips, the glossy, dewy look is in. Put some Glossier highlighting Haloscope on your lids or cheeks for that perfect glossy look.

Haloscope via Glossier.com

Waterline Eyeliner

Tracing black eyeliner along your waterline is a huge trend this year! While the cat eye may not die just yet (we’re not ready for it), this is still going to be seen everywhere.

Lots of Blush

No such thing as too much blush. Apply it from cheek to temple for the perfect in-trend look!