Interview With Young Philanthropist: Wadi Ben-Hirki of The Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation

Interview With Young Philanthropist: Wadi Ben-Hirki of The Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation



  • Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am Wadi Ben-Hirki, a 19 years old girl from Nigeria. I am the Founder of Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation, a Nigerian-based charity organization and the CEO of Sapphire by WBHF, start-up social enterprise that raises funds for Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation. I am a running candidate for the office of the Commissioner for peace and security of African Youth Commission. I am a multi-award winner and also a multi-award nominee.

  • Tell us a little bit about your humanitarian organization.

Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation (WBHF) is a charity-based NGO which was founded on the 13th of June, 2015. WBHF helps the less-privileged, victimized and disabled children in the society through our three major projects: #Street2School which helps to take as many children as we can off the streets and back to school on an all-expense paid basis to acquire both formal and informal education, #GirlsNotWives which fights against female genital mutilation and child-bride marriages and campaigns for gender-equality and girl-child education and #LITMOW which helps to rehabilitate and support the children who have been affected by the Boko Haram insurgency in Northern Nigeria.



  • What inspired you to build such a noble organization?

My major inspiration was the fact that millions of children and young adults all over the world have little or no access to basic necessities of life and since I am also a young adult, I felt I could do the little I can and be the voice of the dis-advantaged kids all across the world.

  • What are the objectives within your non-profit organization?

Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation’s major objectives are:

  • To harness and focus on the potentials of the less-privileged children towards skills acquisition for the social and economic growth and development of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large
  • To raise funds for charity homes, schools and colleges to enable children attend
  • To support less-privileged children in schools with scholarships and donations of food, shelter, clothing and stationary
  • To give charitable aid to any child or institution, which the Foundation may deem fit.



  • How do you see yourself and your organization in five years? Any goals in mind?

In five years time, I see myself being globally recognized and hopefully, being a Nobel laureate for peace. I see myself using my influence to better my community and the world at large. I see Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation being an International charity organization being listed among other top charity organizations, giving aid to suffering children in nations across the globe.

  • I`ve always wondered, how does a non-profit organization (such as yours) survive and pay the bills? How is your organization prepared to handle its development?

NGOs pay bills mainly through support and donations from individuals, corporate agencies, etc. My organization survives both through donations and also through the proceeds that come from Sapphire by WBHF, its social enterprise. We are prepared to handle our development by striving towards building up our organization and also individually working hard so as to collectively grow the Foundation.

  • What are the resources you’ll need for your next campaign?

The major resources needed for our next campaign are availability of funds and man-power (volunteers).

  • What will be your outreach plan to make sure your audiences and influential players in your space hear about your next campaign?

Our outreach plan include online presence using several social platforms and features so as to reach a large number of people who, we hope, will be interested in being a part of our work.


  • How will you measure your campaign’s success?

Our campaign’s success will be measured by the number of lives we touch and give sustainable aid to.

  • Any advice you`d like to give our readers?

We are all capable of doing great things but our major setback is listening to the voices of others. Learn to listen to yourself and dare to do. No guts, no story.


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