Glitter Strobing Trend is Stealing Our Hearts

New Year’s Eve might be over, but there is a wonderful Glitter Strobing trend you need to check out for your to-go makeup!
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When I first saw glitter back on the runway, I was rather skeptical. With all the glitter on our nails, lips and eyes, or rainbow powders on our cheeks, we were shining enough to overshadow a Christmas tree, I was thinking. But something wonderful has just happened. The makeup artists came up with the idea of Glitter Strobing, and my heart melts.


First of all, let’s sort out our information.  To all of you who think that strobing has something to do with contouring. Well, yes and no. Strobing is a makeup technique that lets you define your face without using dark shades. As you can imagine, Glitter Strobing is another new technique. It lets you put glitter right there where your illuminizer should be. However, to make it trendy and not kitsch you put the glitter on only one spot on your face for example cheekbone, cupid’s bow, or brow bones.


Let me give you a quick how-to for the Glitter Strobing look. After putting all fluids, mascaras, and concealers, you just choose one spot like cheekbones and put on it a drop or two of a strobing cream (aka illuminizer). In the next step, you highlight with a highlighting powder the area of your choice. Then you simply create a sticky space. To have it, use a makeup glue. You can find one in every beauty drugstore. The last, most important thing: PUT THE GLITTER ON! Depending on the desired effect and the occasion, you can stay with only one color and be rather skimp on this shiny love or you can opt for mix and match to become the glitter queen of the party!


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Just take a closer look:
Glitter Strobing is a cool way to update your all-day makeup
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