Volcom’s New Statement: Swimwear From Recycled Ocean Waste

Volcom Swimwear

The sporty fashion retailer, Volcom, has made a tremendous effort in bringing the clothing market fashionable recycled swimwear. The company has launched a new line of swimwear made entirely of ocean waste, specifically abandoned fishing nets. With a little help from an Italian fabric company, Aquafil, all swim pieces derive from the new eco-friendly fiber. All swimwear in the line is composed of 78 percent ECONYL®, a recycled yarn derivative from regenerated nylon waste, including abandoned fishing nets found in the ocean, production scraps, and carpet fluff. The yarn is then spun into a fabric that is extremely durable and breathable, perfect for swimwear. The company now can continue fulfilling its surfer girl, active image, as well as making an effort in helping our environment at the same time. Head of women’s business at Volcom, Lindsey Roach, says,

“We wanted this collection to be more than beautiful patterns and functional pieces. So the fact that it is made with recovered fishing nets creates a natural connection to surf culture, which fully understands the value of keeping the ocean clean.”

As the line follows Volcom’s pro-sport/surf image, it will also commence a popular trend in eco-friendly swimwear. There are an estimated 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets throughout the ocean, which not only pose great danger to sea animals, but also will generally build up waste on land in the long term. Volcom has made a great move in the industry in taking action and reducing waste, as well as saving the oceans from any further endangerment.


The new line is ready for purchase at Volcom.com-Swimwear. Prices range anywhere from $32 to $85.


Lianne Almeida

Fashion Content Editor/Journalist

College student studying Fashion Marketing & Management