What to do to Have the Longest Eyelashes Ever

They say that the long, thick eyelashes are the prettiest makeup for a woman. But we girls know that mascaras, fake lashes, or eyelash extension, which will make them WOW, will make us cry. So what do to to have these long, long, healthy lashes that would make their hearts melt?


Let’s take a closer look

Our grandmas didn’t have the eyelash curler, extending, thickening mascaras, eyelash primers, eyelash conditioners or two-phase makeup removers. But they also didn’t glue the fake eyelashes, neither killed the real ones while opting for the extensions! Judging by the fact that you are reading it and I wrote it, they succeeded in finding a man without tons of makeup. But times has changed.

Some time ago, tired of sticking the fake lashes to the eyelids, someone proposed sticking false lashes to our real lashes, and thousands of us went for it, because no one told us about the side effects. If you still don’t know it, here I tell you. After about two months the fake lashes starts to fall down, leaving you with few of your real lashes. Unfortunately, growing them back is not easy.

The lashes get older, fall down and break just like your hair. However, unlike your hair, they grow for only two to three weeks. Then the hair follicles shrink to enter into the resting phase when they actually start to fall slowly. This cycle repeats every three to four months. In aim to have them long and strong, we need to nourish the hair follicles and extend the first phase of growing. But brace yourself and be patient. Good things come to those who wait!

How to help your lashes grow?

What our grandmas did have was castor oil. It’s an oil rich in antioxidants and fatty oils. What does it mean for you? It’s a cheap way to moisturize your lashes and prevent them from breaking. Just be careful, it can irritate your pupils if it gets into the eye.


the effects of castor oil
The effects of castor oil


Luckily, in twenty-first century we can listen to our grannies or follow the trends. In your drugstore you can find eyelash growth serums. They work even better than castor oil, but they are also more expensive. When choosing your serum, check if they contain:

  • hyaluronic acid, which will moisturize your eyelashes
  • glycoprotein stimulating the growth
  • and biotin and vitamin B12 which prevents lashes from falling down.

If you want to protect your lashes even more, you can equip yourself with an eyelash primer. This beauty product will not only protect your lashes, but also lengthen them, giving you a killing look while putting your mascara on. The primer should be rich in vitamin E and panthenol. Just so you know, you use it before the mascara.

Don’t make your eyelashes suffer!

We have about 150 to 200 lashes on our upper lid and about 150 to 100 on the lower. During the day we lose one or two of them. But every single time you rub your eyes, you pull your lashes or if you sleep with your makeup on, you contribute to their terrible state. Sleeping with your mascara breaks them easily. Moreover, if you rub your eyes while removing your eye makeup, just stop. NEVER EVER RUB AGAIN. How to do properly? (“How to do it properly?”) Put your a few drops of remover on a cotton pad and hold it on your eyelid for few seconds.  Your mascara will melt down without tearing your lashes. To get rid of everything from your eye, you should slowly move the cotton pad down, never on the sides. Follow the way your lashes grow.

For your eyelashes best, you should forget waterproof mascara. The cosmetic weakens them a lot. Don’t use it on a daily basis and make sure that you remove all the mascara afterwards. Also, put the curler somewhere safe. Using it sometimes break your lashes (always if you put the mascara first).

You can have amazing eyelashes

I will just cheer you up. Trying to grow amazing lashes may seem like a struggle. Well it is, but the effect is worth it! Plus, think of all your friends who will ask you jealously, “where you did these extensions?” “Well nowhere, these are my own”  sounds so cool!



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