Björk & Berries: Ecoluxury At Its Finest

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Björk & Berries is a cruelty-free brand that utilizes natural and sustainable ingredients. They focus on using minimal ingredients that make the maximum effect. Their story began with a small company in northern Sweden. First combining centuries-old Swedish natural beauty traditions with advanced technology. Thus, creating their luxurious, organic, and natural skincare products and fragrances.

The sustainability of this brand expands beyond the products themselves and into their packaging as well. Their environmentally friendly packaging is helping to keep their carbon footprint down, and yours as well! They have designed each product strategically to impart the maximum amount of benefits, with

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the least number of ingredients. Creating safe, yet effective beauty products for the modern woman.

Each ingredient is high quality, hand-picked, natural and organic with beneficial results. Their products includes skin care, perfumes, bath and body products, hand care, and hair care.

The Birch in Sweden is widely utilized for medical and beauty purposes as it is known as the life-giving tree. This company uses the inspiration of the tree, by utilizing the bark of the birch with organic and natural exfoliates. On Björk & Berries website they note that this plant has the following properties: Toning, softening, firming, purifying, elasticizing, and antiseptic.

Through combining tradition, organic ingredients, and modern technology, Björk & Berries has truly created a one of a kind product.