Vegan Substitutes for Cooking

Many people think vegan cooking is a challenge, as you can’t use many of the cornerstone cooking items–milk, eggs, butter, and etc.

However, we’re here with your guide to vegan cooking substitutions, so you’re never at a loss for how to make your favorite meals completely free of animal products.

  1. Milk
    • Vegan substitutes for milk are some of the most common ones you can find, with many options including soy, rice, oat, and nut milks. Unfortunately, some of these can be on the heavy or sweet side. So unless your recipe calls for extra sweetness, be sure to look for unsweetened varieties.From David Wolfe.
  2. Eggs
    • The main purposes of eggs when you’re making food are moisture and binding. Therefore, you need a similar substance to do that same work in your recipe, and this also depends on what you’re making.
    • For baked goods, we recommend applesauce, blended or mashed bananas, or pureed soft tofu. With the bananas, the trick is to use your old, bruised bananas for egg substitute. You can even bag them in the freezer for later use if you notice you have some going bad!
    • This website has a great guide for portioning your egg substitutes.

      Credit to Joy of Baking
      Use applesauce as an egg substitute in your baking!
  3. Cheese
    • Be wary of vegetarian cheeses at the supermarket! Many of these contain casein, which is not vegan. One option is to use tofu as a crumbled cheese, but you won’t get the same creamy texture. Luckily, you can easily make a cashew cheese that will go wonderfully in a number of dishes. Also, it’s great on crackers!From Hipster Food.
  4. Beef or Chicken Stock
    • This one is simple–there are plenty of veggie broths out there that do a great job of flavoring your food. Just find one you like!
  5. Butter
    • Unfortunately, much like vegetable cheese, many vegetarian butter substitutes aren’t vegan. But, you can usually use other oils in place. Canola, vegetable, coconut, or even olive oil can work.
    • Furthermore, if oil doesn’t trip your trigger, you can make your own vegan butter with a recipe found on this site. They also have lots of great info about vegan butters in general!

      From Vegan baking.
      Just like the real thing, but free from animal-products!
Katie Jeddeloh

Gastronomy Content Contributor

Katie Jeddeloh is a third year undergrad at St. Olaf College where she studies English and Women's and Gender Studies. Katie is an earth enthusiast and poet, and she loves growing, cooking, and talking about food.