wolves Since I began rooting myself in the Slocan Valley, BC in 2009, I have been exploring what it means to give a human voice to a landscape and its creatures. By listening to the whispers and tones that form on the edge of a breeze, or that roll over the peak of a mountain. I’ve learned that everything has a story, and if you pay enough attention, it will share some of them with you.steph-1
My name is Stephanie Kellett and my work is an attempt of sharing non-human perspectives, feelings, and stories in a playful way. I like to explore a feminist perspective of nature, and the spirit of place, often through storytelling. Her paintings are characterized by vibrant colors, painterly brushstrokes, strong compositional flow, and emotionally evocative content. They often involve layers of acrylic washes and glazes, illustrative imagery and collage, and the materials often speak to the imagery. Mostly a self-taught painter. I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon.  I  hold a diploma of Fine Arts from OUBC and a degree in Art History from the University of Victoria.
I have created multiple murals in the Kootenays, for ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art in Wells, as well as for Re-Imagine Street Art Festival in Penticton. In 2011, I was commissioned to create an interactive installation at Shambhala Electronic Music Festival pinepoint-stephaniekellett-2014and have been commissioned for another two since then. I have also illustrated two books of short stories written by Robert E. Livingood. Many of her paintings are now found in many private residences across the globe. In 2008, she had an original work featured on The Knowledge Network as part of the episode titled, “The Leading Edge”, and I will be having my first solo public gallery show this January at VISAC Gallery.

At our core, we are still animals, and I believe this to be our salvation.