The Green Festival Expo : An Engaging Marketplace With Something For Everyone


As America’s largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event, the Green Festival offers three days of exploration into the products and services that are shaping how we live healthier more sustainable lives. The festival’s mission is to inspire and empower consumers, communities and businesses to work, play and live green, which comes through inside the vibrant marketplace which has something for everyone.  At each destination across the country, the expo highlights an array of local and national trusted companies, innovative brands, pioneering thinkers and conscious customers who are seeking unique and powerful platforms for connecting to the wide array of ways sustainability integrates into our lives. From food, fashion, and health, to hands-on demos, educational activities and inspirational speakers, the Green Festival strives to represent the sustainable community with the best and latest in the marketplace.


Here is a round up of some favorites from the festival weekend:


Family, authenticity, and a core commitment to our collective well-being are the mission of Smarty Pants Vitamins. They offer the most yummy gummy vitamins on the market with a full spectrum of options to support everyone in the family with no sugar added.


Eco Nuts safe, ethical, and sustainable cleaning products are gentle and effective, using organic materials such as whole soap nuts and felted wool for dryer balls.


The gentlemen at Four Sigmatic are serving up nutrient dense superfoods and the healing power of mushrooms, al la carte, as well as delicious tonics and teas.


Ethically sourced in Accra, Ghana, Nkuto Organics, which empowers women through fair trade practices and devotion to pure raw organic handcrafted shea butter, is available in a variety of luxurious scents.


Beautycounter is committed to making safer, better beauty products with the highest quality ingredients. Try the Rosewater Mist.


Promoting natural health and well-being with nourishing botanicals for the skin, Grateful Naturals focuses on the protection of the body’s largest organ. They have created a must use natural deodorant and sunscreen.


Vegan friendly and cruelty-free nail polish, Honey Nail Glam, includes a deliciously soothing aromatherapy cuticle oil.


Urban agriculture and farming education is not only about growing food, Ourfoods believes it is planting the seeds for a brighter future and establishing sustainable and easily accessible facilities.


Lifestyle and wellness expert Jay Bradley joins forces with Opurea, educating on finding balance and making lasting changes in the areas of fitness, anti-aging and wellness, as well as offering restorative massages to festival attendees.

Pamela Thomas


Pamela is a creative based in Los Angeles with a passion for storytelling, philanthropy and wellness. As an actress she engages audiences through the characters she portrays, as a yoga teacher and holistic practitioner she works with her students to gain a deeper acceptance and understanding of self. Raising consciousness and promoting equality is at the heart of philanthropic work she does with a variety of non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations including the United Nations.