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Once in a while, you find a certain something that truly speaks to you. Whether that’s a funny bath ducky or a raw silk cotton garment, it’s all relative.  For the sake of this report, I’ll start off with how I fell for one emerging fashion designers work.

one off garment rack that can stand two different ways depending on space
One off garment rack that can stand two different ways depending on space.

For me the hanger appeal is everything.  Most well-made things in this world show signs of quality right away, and the label 6×4 does exactly that. But that only brings you in.  Trying their things on, now that’s what keeps you. I came upon the label at AOk, a monthly evening shopping event here in Auckland in 2014. My first month of living in Auckland from NYC.

Soft + sumptuous hand dyed tees
Soft + sumptuous hand dyed tees

There were a few labels together to show their goods upstairs in an open loft with a fantastic cider beer sponsor and open areas to chat or shop. The windows side of the event had a few of 6x4s pieces hanging on the windows as well as a couple of mannequins in a tidy vignette.  It was like walking up to a familiar friend who had been away for a long time–familiar but changed somehow.

standup collar summer weight linen shirt. a favorite of mine in many fabrications
Stand up collar summer weight linen shirt. A favorite of mine in many fabrications,

Whether upcycling vintage kimono parts, using a vintage wool army blanket, or amping up a suede boot by hand carving two-tone platform heels; Designers are making concerted efforts at not being so wasteful. Perfect examples are from Jean Paul Gaultier who’s shown high fashion pieces made of repurposed ties. Xuly Bet’s (currently having a resurgence)  signature is garments of patchworked knit and fabric scraps together.  Todd Oldham, 1990’s N.Y.  glam/posh designer used to patchwork a lot of his fabrics to make garment linings as much as he could. Maison Martin Margiela is most obvious in their love of repurposing/ upcycling and recycling. Other current designers such as Junya Watanabe, even Desigual know that it’s the future. There are whole communities of designers on Etsy and other corners of the web where you’ll find people being conscious and less cyclical with their purchases. Auckland shops Tur and Naked Empire also stock upcycled / repurposed garments from local designers as well.

army blanket > coat.
Army blanket > coat= perfect .


Wearing 6×4’s pieces immediately show you how much thought was put into how you can wear, live, and work in this garment.  Clothing production for production’s sake these days, as we all know; is slowly polluting and killing our planet’s ecosystems. The slow fashion movement may have a new champion (quietly of course) in New Zealand. Careful creation and production of things with concern is the way forward.  Shown are some examples of one-off objects, garments, and functional pieces like paperweights, and garment racks even. The spectrum of this designer’s vision is all very tied across several pursuits and that’s where fashion is these days.  According to Coco Chanel, fashion is in the air we breathe, and the road we walk. You simply intuit it.  Shown here are some men’s pieces, but most pieces have a flexible genderless vibe, and there are definite women’s pieces as well.

handmade boots with 2 tone cork platforms
Handmade boots with 2 tone cork platforms.

Recently investigating the Paris scene and future stockists, this label will soon be flying higher and spreading its wings.  They already have a following here that’s growing. The clothing is available now at TUR Studio in Auckland, as well as NG Studio in Christchurch—the accessories and objects you’ll have to tune in closely as to who’ll stock those. Their site is always open to investigate what they’re up to. Visit 6x4online.com anytime to see what I’m going on about. Kia waimarie !!  (Good Luck in Maori)

card/note holder from Australian ironbark wood
Card/note holder from Australian ironbark wood.
this sturdy backpack has up upcycled nylon straps and a recycled cotton lining inside a hemp cotton shell.
Backpack featuring upcycled nylon straps and a recycled cotton lining inside a hemp cotton shell.
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