Adidas and Parley Design Shoes for the Future


Our oceans are greatly affected by plastic production and usage all over the world; in fact, billions of pounds of plastic are in our oceans now. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, only 34.6% of 258 million pounds of waste was recycled in 2014. Plastic presence in the oceans affects every aspect of nature in the ocean and on its shores, which is disrupting the process of nature, and Adidas is doing something about it.


“It is estimated that 2.5 trillion pieces of plastic are breaking down in the oceans right now. We must work this out together” -Adidas

Adidas and Parley have designed a shoe made from plastic directly pulled from the ocean. Parley for the Oceans is passionate and committed to bringing awareness and action to the plastic contamination issue that marine life face daily.

“We need to defend diversity on land and in the sea and we need solutions, and these solutions can only be realized by harnessing the imaginative side of human culture – the arts.” -Parley for the Oceans


With that said, Adidas was clearly the perfect partner for innovative design and imagination that gets a much larger population involved. The shoe is not released yet, but you can sign up to get it here.

You can currently support the cause by purchasing two special edition soccer jerseys for teams Real Madrid or FC Bayern Munich.



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