Jeremy Scott & Google Partner for Live Phone Cases

Jeremy Scott has been known for his wow-factoring pop-culture style for years, and has been consistently adept at applying it to new products on the market. He’s been adding to the phone case category in the industry for several seasons, designing dynamic phone cases around each of his recent collections with Moschino. A recent collaboration, Google is now interested in linking his designs with the technology of their company by enlisting Scott on a line of six Live Cases for the new Google Pixel phone.

Courtesy of Jeremy Scott

These Live Cases are now following a cartoon-patterned theme, all designed by Scott himself. They feature a snap-on function, and are equipped with Near-field technology by Google, which detects the presence of the case, causing a wallpaper to appear on the screen. They also give users access to Jeremy Scott’s emojis, called “J’emojis,” where new characters are added on a daily basis. The emojis are presently being marketed by fellow celebrities along social media platforms, including Instagram. Scott plans to reveal a new “J’emoji” daily on his celebrity #squad captions social network.

Being asked about his reasoning for this partnership, Scott says, “What’s really exciting about these cases is that the emojis jump off the cases into your screens. I’ve never had the ability to do this before, as the technology is something new from Google. I was thinking a lot about how the virtual has become reality with our online lives, and avatars are speaking so much more for us than ever in the social media atmosphere that we now inhabit. So when Google came a knockin’ I was ready for them.”

The designer is excited for the new line, and shows a strong interest and passion in the new collaboration. Scott and Google’s new line has been launched since November 10th and will be available for purchase at the Google Store, through the end of January. They retail for $40 each, and will be available for users in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and U.K. and Germany.

Courtesy of Jeremy Scott

Visit the Google Store to shop the Live Cases!

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