B.EAN.S. – Handmade, Eco-friendly & Sustainable Spectacles Made Of Books & Jeans




My Name is Florian Hermuller, I’m 25 years young and the founder of B.EAN.S. In the past I’ve attended several technical schools and worked as technician. Not only my work as technician helped me to get there where I am right now, moreover I am into crafting things since I was a little child. I can remember several worth mentioning stories about past ‘inventions’. One Sunday ,for instance, I thought I have to build a motorbike. So I took an old damaged bicycle and the engine of a motor scooter and welded them together. I was about 8 years young when I did this. I know that is crazy but I simply like to make stuff. So I was able to develop the needed skills which led me to my project of
manufacturing a sustainable alternative to conventional eye-wear.


We manufacture worldwide unique eye-wear made out of worn out Denim and books. They are entirely crafted by hand in Austria, what was very important for us! Therefore we are
able to guarantee the highest possible quality. Even the used binder is eco-friendly. To
sum up, we produce eco-friendly, sustainable spectacles without engaging workers from
low-wage countries. Furthermore we give our best to produce as less waste as possible;
for instance packaging, we use thin recycled cardboard boxes and recycled packaging
material from old newspapers. In addition it was important for us to not use any bleached
material and to reduce printing to a minimum.


For more please visit B.EAN.S.   and stay tuned with our Winter Issue 2017!

Catalina Magee

Founder / CEO at Trend Prive Magazine. Editor-in-Chief at The Backstage Collections Magazine.