TRAVEL DIARY: “Saona Island”

When it comes to posts with tropical flair, it’s never too much…never. I have too many pictures to share, because when you get there, you start taking pictures like crazy.

Below you will find some photos of Saona island. Situated in the Carribean sea, it’s one of many pieces of paradise that you can find there. White sand, warm and crystal clear waters and last but not least, a serene and surreal blue sky. It almost makes me want to write poetry when I think of that idyllic place. But, because this is a travel article, I must reveal the down sides too.


First, it’s really difficult to get in the water because the beaches are filled with small rocks, even if the sand is so soft. But I think you will make it, since I did it too. So don’t worry too much.


Other small issues:
–    It takes forever to get there. It’s a one day trip so don’t make other plans for that day
–    We really had a bad luck with the guy that runs the boat. That boat trip was a nightmare. Hope you will be more lucky than me
–    Even if they say it’s a wildlife island, when you get there you will see a lot of  traders and sunbeds. But, at least they are not so many, so you will still be able to get some paradise vibes.


Tips: please, use +50spf. Being offshore most of the time, you can get sunburned really fast.
For the girls: pick a simple swimsuit for this day, because you will get so dark and I suppose you want a perfect tan without too many tan lines.

0506Enjoy the island

Angie Carp

Travel writer