TRAVEL DIARY: “Punta Cana”

I’m in a wonderful place, a small piece of heaven, called Punta Cana. I’m still pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming or not, given that this was a totally unplanned vacation. I got the tickets exactly one week ago, without having the chance to think too much about it. Did I want to go (ha-ha, of course I want to) or if I’m ready for my first transatlantic flight.

I look towards the sea, and I’m just fascinated by the shadow of palm leaves on the white sand, same sand that tickles my feet on my way to the Caribbean Sea.

Tips on travelling to Punta Cana

It would be such a pity not to share with you all the pictures, videos and experiences from this beautiful place. There are things you won’t know when you get here, and hopefully this post can be very useful for you and can hopefully save you some time instead of googling a dozen webpages.

Let’s start with some tips about accommodations. Basically, the inclusive resorts are about the only option you have here. At least, this is my opinion about Punta Cana. It’s very difficult to check into a boutique hotel (I don’t even know if this is an option), but even if you do, it’s going to be quite difficult to dine outside the hotel every evening.

The upside of staying in a resort with the all-inclusive option is just that; you can also enjoy private beaches, swimming pools, water sports and so many other advantages.

It’s good to know that what they call 5 star is actually akin to 3 star in international standards, so don’t get too excited. In this I’m talking only about the room, not the rest of the resort. I chose Riu Bambu Resort 5*, and even if the room was not wow, the location, right on the beach, and the palm trees and garden totally blew me away.

Another small tidbit of info would be that absolutely all the souvenirs you will find inside the resort are quite expensive. However, if you stick to fridge magnets, bracelets or local products, you won’t end up spending too much.

At the same time, when the sun is up, the water is crystal clear and everyone around you is smiling, spending too much will not be a concern. Life is too short to worry about the little things, especially when you get to a place with such good vibes.

Well, these would be the most important things you should know about Punta Cana.

See you soon with a new article about the most beautiful island I have ever seen.

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Angie Carp

Travel writer