Angel Mary Is Looking For Her Wolf Pack!

 Are you ready to run with her?

Are you ready to howl?  I have just the wolf pack for you. Angel Mary of the Tennessee Werewolves  is howling under the moon and calling you.

When you look closely at The Tennessee Werewolves, you notice right off the striking beauty that commands the stage.  She is true country with no sell out of trying to be pop.   You have to earn the title of Country.  That is a language that most do not speak unless you are part of that elite group of the Loretta Lynn’s, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline’s.

I recently sat down with Angel Mary to find out about her past, present and future.   Did I mention her mother, Honey Wolf is watching, her dad (Antoine), plays bass and her brother (Christian), plays the guitar?  It is a true country family thang.  


Angel Mary, lead singer of the Tennessee Werewolves in a promotional shot for John Rich’s clothing line Redneck Riviera photo by Stagner Images

When did you know you wanted to be a singer in a band?

Since I was 8 … I really started taking a serious interest in it .. But I grew up with it around me my Grandfather would sing and play guitar and my dad the same … I would sit by my dad while he wrote songs and try to mimic him…. I remember singing the woman in me at my first talent show … I picked the song … Haha it’s funny because there I am 8 years old singing the woman in me…

Well I enjoyed it so much I told my parents this is what I wanted to be … Now the reason I wanted to be in a band is there are not many lead singer women in bands today .. They are all single artist … I want to be the Led Zeppelin of Country Music … I was always different, I want to be timeless & I will be.


How did you all decide to become a band?

I was acting a lot going to school pursuing it.. Working on TV Shows movies … But there’s nothing like playing music. My mom called me up and said she missed me playing Country Music and that’s what I should be doing … And the truth is I missed singing and playing music too. I started writing again and asked my brother and dad to be in a band with me. We had all pursued our own projects in music.. But as soon as we got together and started creating music as The Tennessee Werewolves … We started gaining success fast … It’s like God was moving us along on this path and it was right.

Angel Mary and actor Will Farrel


What films and television shows have you been in?

I had roles in ‘The Other Guys, ‘Ugly Betty’ on ABC and ‘Are we there Yet?’ on TBS. 


How important to you is it that your roots be reflected in your music?

I wouldn’t say it’s about my roots … It’s about my heart … I put my heart into what I do and our fans know we do .. They can feel the love, the sorrow, the struggle the strength I want our music to reflect the salt of the earth. Something everyone can relate too .. Whether you grew up liking Country music or not.


How do you see your band resonating with people? What is your message?

Our message is your not alone … If you feel casted out or unheard we hear you.. And your a part of our family now.. You are part of the Wolfpack no matter where your from or who you are


What is your role in making decision for the band as part of a family?

I wouldn’t say I have a role we all kinda toss ideas around and see what we think is best… Like should I eat pizza today or should I have a salad … Pizza.

…Haha I’m being silly.

Tennessee Werewolves photo by Honey Wolf; Clothing provided by Keith & Davey Design; Jewelry provided by Darren Simonian Jewelry Design 
Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves photo by Honey Wolf; Clothing provided by Keith & Davey Design; Jewelry provided by Darren Simonian Jewelry Design 

What type of decisions do bands have to make now to make it?

You have to not give a rats ass what anyone tells you .. You have to be persistent Goonies never say die


How do you decide which songs get recorded?  Who is the chief writer?

We all usually agree on the song which is weird. We are a family and we think alike. I wouldn’t say there’s a chief writer. We all bring our strong points to the song.  I’m not really good at arranging music my brother is. My dad usually creates the melody and I usually start the Skelton to the song and the initial idea. 


What is the true definition of Country to you?

Johnny Cash


You became a woman on the road under your family.   How did you handle growing up and being independent?

I think no matter where you are in life you want to strive to be your own person & Independent … But my family knows me … I always do what I want to do cause I’m a real pain in the ass if you try to make me do opposite … Haha I’m a wild card at least that what my brother calls me .. But it’s fine I already went through that stage in my life… Now I’m a grown up and I still love Disney Movies


Are you able to have relationships on the road that are lasting?

Ask again ….. ???? Haha umm u know I’m divorced actually got married young didn’t work out … But I’m not so worried about that now been there … Done that… Umm u know I’ve a dated a another musician before and I swear … Now that’s the hardest thing to do  … That’s what our newest single Ramblin is about I’m not name dropping but it’s about another famous musician that I love but hey the road that were riding keeps us rolling away.


Do you have advice for women in music about relationships that they can use?

Nope! But I sure could use some.


How does your family play a part in that process?

The process of dating ?? Or music ??? I don’t know my family is in the process called life … It’s like we’re Italian … But we’re not ..we’re all up in our processes I don’t think that’s a word.

Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves photo by Honey Wolf; Clothing provided by Keith & Davey Design; Jewelry provided by Darren Simonian Jewelry Design 


Most bands that have a female singer usually see the woman going out on her own.   Is that something that has been approached to you and something you would ever consider?

Not really it hasn’t but I’m thankful for that cause that’s lame there’s already a million girls running around doing the same thing… I’d rather be a Rolling stone then one of them any day.


There seems to be a uniform in country with the shorts and looking sexy.   How much thought and planning goes into your look?   Who do you work with on your styling?  Do you have favorite designers that you wear?

Haha well I believe I’m a trendsetter I start the trend … For me I always like to be different wear  whatever I want but I will say I do like the show Dukes of Hazzard and I always wanted to be Daisey sooo she’s an inspiration but so is Dolly, Reba, Shania & Cher I like to shine.. I do wear clothes by Keith & Davey & Jewelry by Darren Simonian they have amazing stuff … I’m a wolf can’t tame this look.


How do you see your look and sound progressing with you as you age?

Charlie Daniels said recently at the Country Hall of fame write music that you feel and what comes to you don’t ever try to do a certain kind of style … So I’m letting my look and sound progress together like the Wind it’s always going to be current but it will always be its own entity.  


Is there room in Country Music for aging in women that is much more kind than Pop?  Do you have an opinion on that?

I think people like Lynn Anderson, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle and Rita Coolidge are always going to be something you’ll want to hear on the radio. It’s not about the age, it’s about the music.  If it’s good it’s good. I don’t know much about the Pop world, but Madonna is better than all the other pop stars coming out. In my opinion she knows what it means to put on a show. 


What are your plans as an individual for the future and plans for the band?

To always do music to always be in The Tennessee Werewolves to win Grammys together and eventually to get back into acting … I’ve always wanted to be on SNL


How does a family fit into your plans or do you feel that questions is sexist?  Do you feel you are marching to your own drum?

I don’t know it worked for Loretta Lynn if it’s meant to be it will be …people are having babies everyday and doing they’re thing look at Thompson square Lady A … But I’m not forcing it … I think if your force it … It’s just all wrong … Hey Elizabeth Taylor was married how many times and had a very successful career so cheers ..


What core principals do you live by?  What does your road map look like?

Honestly I want to be a Boondock Saint .. To love your neighbor as yourself and the lord God with all my heart .. This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine … My road map has a narrator and I believe his voice is Yoda saying “very bright and successful your future is bitch”

Note: The above interview was conducted via correspondence and we have chosen not to edit as it is written exactly as Angel Mary has requested.

The Tennesse Werewolves photo by Heidi Pearson
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