Fashion by the Sea: La Jolla International Film Fest

By Stacey Blanchet

During one weekend in July, film producers, directors, actors and fashion designers visit the sea side community of La Jolla, California to showcase their films.  This collaboration between fashion designers, film makers and artists is put on full display at the La Jolla International Film Festival .  Trend Prive Magazine was honored to have attended this years’ festivities and is pleased to announce our very own Founder and CEO, Catalina Magee, will be a Juried Member in July, 2017.


There has been an ongoing debate about whether fashion is art.  Museums around world are now featuring designers as exhibits and breaking records.   Is it art?   What is art? The Super Bowl of fashion is the Met Gala and the collaboration between Vogue and the Museum of Art in New York, is not only opening new doors in fashion but also with countries such as China to showcase the best and brightest from around the world.  Art form at its highest.  Fred Sweet, the founder of the La Jolla International Film Festival is aiming to do just that for film.  He is bringing in artists from around the world in a multi-level collaboration that is opening doors and expanding the mind.


The La Jolla International Film Festival is a three day event that grabs hold of you at the opening night mixer where you mix languages, drinks and spirits where it creates next year’s collaborations.  Friday night the dresses and suits are out the glasses are clicking as you get strapped into your seat for a two hour journey around the world.  There is careful planning by Fred to make sure this festival is a one-of-a-kind by bringing in the experts.  Giving these young film makers a change to speak with the best in the business.  You get choices each day on which panels to attend.  You can sit down with an image maker, agent or actors, directors and producers to find out how they did it. This is a valuable asset to anyone who is starting out or wanting to add to their network.  What is the saying “you are only as valuable as your network in business”.  If Friday night is too late for you, Fred has put together breakfast and films with an ocean view.  Now, coffee, pastries and film.  My kind of way to start a Saturday morning.  By far, the longest day of the festival is Saturday.  You choose, between film, panel and awards.  On Saturday night at 4:30pm the red carpet starts with Bulbs flashing and heels clicking.   We are ready for our close-up! The awards show beings and it was a burst of color, fashion and innovative stories that took us on a rip roaring ride through the minds of some of our creative genius today.  The films range from fashion, art, politics and religion sometimes emerging all at once leaving you spellbound.  During one of the panels a guest asked a designer “If your film does not showcase the garment and build the film around that, is it a fashion film?” That is the million dollar question.  The designer replied “the film is my expression of art and the garment is my inspiration so it is a fashion film bringing all elements together to make an impression on you.”  Isn’t that what each film tries to accomplish?


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Stacey Blanchet

Senior Editor