One Room Hotel in Tower Park Praha

Did you know about ONE ROOM HOTEL in Prague ? You said « ONE ROOM HOTEL  » ?Yes, that’s what I said…

On a recent trip to Prague, there was a limousine waiting for us at the airport. In about 30 minutes we arrived to Tower Park Praha or « MIMINOO » close to Jiriho z Podebrad métro station.

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The driver dropped us in front of the check in desk « réception » but we were invited straight for a drink to the garden restaurant MIMINOO with our friend and a big boss of this resort.


This elegant building in the park is a pleasant place to relax during the summer months, be it in the swings or simply by renting a picnic set or just simply enjoying the shade in the outside seating area. In the winter, hide away from the cold and watch the romance of Prague from our their fully-glassed in restaurant.

The meals they offer are governed only by one law ‒ unique ingredients and an entirely home-made preparation. Lovers of Czech and Italian cuisine will find their heart’s desire



The tallest building in CZECH REPUBLIC.

The highest observation deck in CZECH REPUBLIC.

The WORLD’S second ugliest building.

DSC_0984 (Kopírovat)

The tower looks like a spaceship with babies climbing on it.

Namely ten giant babies climbing the tower up and down. Babies were originally placed there temporarily. But somehow they became so popular that they were permanently installed on the tower.

A bit of a neighborhood surrounds the park, which was opened in 2014. A professional mini golf, petting zoo and there is also a garden restaurant with summer terrace MIMINOO and picnic garden. In winter, there is an outdoor skating rink.

The tallest building in the Czech Republic offers a unique 360 ° prospect of thematically solved cabins including an interactive section, a restaurant, café, bar and one luxury suite « ONE ROOM ».



The luxurious ambiance in this hotel is amplified by the unique view of the Prague panorama. It offers guests absolute privacy and an unforgettable feeling of exceptionality. You can relax among designer furniture and the most modern technology and rejoice in the view of Prague from a bird’s perspective.

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The evening bath will also be a unique experience in the glass-walled bathroom. Submerged in water, surrounded by candles, feel the romance while observing the night metropolis or enjoy over one hundred channels in the television integrated in the bathroom mirror. The suite itself is furnished with very stylish furniture, like the luxurious bed with hand sewn horsehair upholstery from famed Swedish brand Hästanes.



A big advantage of the suite is also a spacious dressing room equipped with a large mirror and an individually adjustable room temperature.


After visiting our room we went to the OBLACA RESTAURANT which is situated just 1 floor under our One Room … simply divine. All in all, a perfect way to enjoy Prague.

Tower Park Minimoo Prague




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